YOUR call to actions can connect YOUR CUSTOMERS

Most of the times it’s very difficult for the brand owners to develop effective call to actions on their packaging designs. In this article will look into some specific technologies that can help brand owners to develop a powerful call to actions.

Your Packaging Designs speaks about Your BRAND

Many organizations and Start-up companies neglect spending valuable time in thinking about embedding their branding in their packaging design. Do you know the importance of branding while promoting or launching of your product? Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. Branding is directly proportional to your marketing strategy.

Importance of Call to Actions on Packaging Design

Call to actions are very important elements in packaging design and it is the best way to get the accurate information from the end user. Call to actions encourages the end user to do something like leaving feedback, participating in surveys or to find more information about your products.

Packaging becomes powerful media

With the developments, enhancements, optimizations taking place in packaging designs rapidly the future of packaging designs are more relevant, accurate and more importantly presentation of the packaging design is undoubtedly continue to change.

End USER impact on packaging innovations

Today life is more varied with demographics and preferences are more complex. Packaging innovations are continues to evolve with respect to the customer needs. Innovative packaging always first choice for the end user if that come for lesser or same price what he is paying for that same product, but this is biggest challenge for the brand owners.

Important factors in Food Packaging

Packaging innovation is the continuous task for the food manufacturers. 70 to 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Always need to follow buyer trends, demands and these are challenging factors for brand owners. Consumer demands and their personal fulfillment is driving food packaging industries.

Usability Challenges to Packaging Industry

Packaging plays very important role in marketing and it is the medium between the company and end user. Your packaging spend should be 8 to 10% of the total cost average. The average consumer spends just few seconds in making decision whether to buy your product or not, so your packaging design need to design for targeted users with targeted message.

Marketing Vs Innovation

Every business has to focus on Marketing as well as on Innovation. Here we are talking especially about packaging industry. Packaging is the ultimate marketing tool for any product. For retail industry packaging can be a major metric for defining success. If you can launch your product with a very innovative design it gets noticed in very less time.

Lock Stock and Barrel

Its an interesting book that i read many years back. It talks about the familiar sayings and their meanings. This reminds me that for we packaging technologists, the life is not different. If I try to explain the meaning of book from packaging technologists' point of view, its: 1. Lock: Tamper evidence 2. Stock: Material options and availabillty Chhavi Goel

Global Innovation Index 2014 and Packaging Innovations through Interpack 2014

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.

Indian Retail Market and Packaging 2013 and Tesco

Its interesting to see how Indian Retail market is changing and growing. Tesco is now going to be new entrant in India as it looks like. It was in the newspapers all over today.

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi and PackagingConnections' elearning

First we wish Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to all our readers and members, their friends and families and counterparts, com

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Gaur gum packaging: India's top farm export

Guar gum has emerged as India's top farm export. India brings approx $4.9 billion from its exports. India accounts nearly 80% of global production. It is mainly grown in Rajasthan and Haryana.

Packaging Line Improvements Keep Craft Brewer Focused on the Future

  Goal of increasing throughput while eliminating packaging breakage  

7 years of Good Morning Packaging Newsletter

Good intentions are useless in the absence of common sense. - JAMI, BAHRISTAN

Packaging Outsourcing at your service – our survey says!

New Delhi, 13th March 2013: is one of the first packaging outsourcing company to be established in India.

The Advantages of Good Promotional Product Packaging

If you cannot alter your merchandise, you can definitely use groundbreaking promotional packing efficiently to bring your brand morals at point of trade and increase sales and profits. More precisely, promotional packaging can produce experimental purchases and upsurge acquisition frequency. invites pioneers of packaging innovations! – Post, Search and Interact

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We provide packaging consultancy services on outsourcing model. We are coming up with our new services which would be virtual consultancy under outsourcing. We would like to know what are your feedback on outsourcing as a model and what are your expectations.

HEINZ-GLAS GmbH Enters India Market to Offer Glass Packaging Solutions Through

New Delhi, Thursday, February 14, 2013 – Indian Cosmetic industry is seeing a major boom with the increase of retail sector. It has been forecasted that the Indian Cosmetics market will register a significant growth of around 17% during 2011 – 15.

What is Packaging Design?

If an image is the value a thousand words, the correct packaging design is the value a thousand ads. Packaging is extreme more than a plain paper boxes for dispensing and highlighting your stock. A product's wrapping must let your product to view out amongst the race.

the Packaging Innovations in Dairy Sector! the one-stop shop for all things packaging has released its report on pac

Purposes of Product Packaging

Packaging is the process of wrapping the goods and products in order to protect, preserve, deliver or handle them. It is done by using various materials like glass, paper, metal, paperboard, plastic, etc.


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