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  • Reply to: Your Packaging Designs speaks about Your BRAND

    Many organizations and Start-up companies neglect spending valuable time in thinking about embedding their branding in their packaging design. Do you know the importance of branding while promoting or launching of your product? Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. Branding is directly proportional to your marketing strategy.

    Your packaging design must be all about addressing customer experiences. In most of the cases brand owners don’t receive complete mileage from their packaging design because of improper research on their targeted audience. Your packaging design is medium between you and external world.

    When your brand connects with your end users, it resides in their mind and heart. It’s very important to spend time on investing in defining, researching and to building your packaging design. For successful branding on your packaging design you must understand the needs and wants of your end users.

    Building an effective packaging design is all about building a story that can connect your targeted audience.

    A good and effective packaging design can

    • Enable customers to remember your products
    • Helps in brand recognition
    • Sets you apart from the competition
    • Generate referrals
    • Build customer loyalty and lead to repeat purchases

    Along with the brand, there is a significant success if you also include unique slogan or tagline that represent the true value of your product or business. Also, getting business success, you should also consider many options and guides that could potentially grows your business. And criticize your business as well to see what else you needs to grow more. There are several steps to follow to be competitive, and this guide at can be a perfect source to future business success.

  • Reply to: Innovative use of Pharmaceuticals Aluminum Tubes during Packaging
      The perfect type of containers with the Pharmaceuticals appropriate packaging that has the dramatic influences for bringing down the diseases.  This is the transparent contribution for the health and it will be efficient for the hygienic type of improvement in the health saving. The role of the health care in the country is significant and the pharmaceuticals products are packed in the best hygienic manner. The packing for the products for the healthcare will have the best direct link in the standard of living. The quality system in packing is that it will be useful for in-process control, pre-dispatch checks, post-production and certification. All these will help the pharmaceuticals to check for the incoming materials quality so that it will determine the type of hygienic packaging of the goods. Aluminium supply will be tested by the government labs and FDA approved, so that all the quality in the materials will be estimated and it will be efficient for determining the safety of the packages. The production for the tubes are made with the type of packing the pharmaceutical products like cosmetics, paints, tubes with the proven cynoacrylate compatibility, toothpastes and many other applications.The Aluminium Tubes that are used are latexed, waxed and lacquered so that it will add more barrier property for the products in the most efficient manner. Aluminium Tubes The size of the tubes product is 10 mm dia to 40 mm dia and there are many pharmaceuticals products are used with these tubes are:
    • Ointments
    • Gels for the eyes and skin
    • Creams
    • Lotions
    • Cosmetics Products
    • Nutraceutical Products
    Some of the Adhesives with the rubber solutions like:
    • Cyano-acrylates
    • Adhesives and super glues
    • Rubber solutions
    • Lubricants
    The products that are used for the toiletries & cosmetics are:
    • Toothpaste
    • Shaving cream
    • Cold cream
    • Washing cream
    • Herbal cosmetics
    Apart from these accessories the aluminium collapsible tubes are also used in many other products like paints duplication inks and color paints.  There are also many advantages in using this pharmaceutical aluminium tubes for packaging purpose as the products will be tamper proof with the exact type of protective types. This is the best method for protecting the Pharmaceutical and it will give you the perfect elegant look. The products are also hygienic and non-toxic to use so this will also do not affect the environment. The aluminium tubes are also complete collapsibility and it will save us money for packing in the best effective manner. The quality of the product is another important feature as it will give the product a perfect shape and for protecting them from any heat. It can be useful for many categories like Pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Cosmetics industry, Art, Veterinary, Perfect Containers, Nutraceuticals and many more.

    Rich group today has become a multi-locational player offering offset printed paperboard/ plastic packaging material offering its packaging solutions basically for folded cartons to diverse industrial segments like Pharmaceutical packaging, IMFL, FMCG, Agrochemicals, food and the like.

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    Yesterday afternoon I got a surprise in office when I was suddenly served warm tea on my desk. You will be thinking so what was so great that I was surprised? Simple reason, it was a traditional tea that we find on roadside corner tea stalls that we all love in hard day's work but we hardly get such ready tea in our sophisticated offices. The reason is simple, if we order from roadside corner then hygiene is an issue. So this was something that came in the area new and experimented by our Kanpur boy Rohit. THis is the traditional tea prepared by Chaayos hygienically and packed in stand up pouches with spouts. Later on that spouted pouch is put into a kind of cost effective insulated box of micro fluted carton having a spout popping out with simple easy to carry & easy to pour handle. Chaayo-flask Interestingly this came in easy to carry brown bags with 4 numbers of earthern pots: the traditional way of having tea and that is also environment friendly. I loved the tea and was proud to be a packaging technologist as this happened only because of packaging that someone could implement his nice idea. I wish all the success to #chaayos Its name is also nice as I guess it comes from Indian name Chai for tea.

    Now this pack is readily available online in low MOQ  at

    For quality evaluation, please order one sample online

    To know more please contact:


    email id:

    Contact no: 0124-49-65-779

    Hi! We have this product available as"Hot Tea Flask" which keeps the product (tea/milk) hot for atleast 1.5 hours. The design is our patent and we are supplying globally now. You may send your requirements at or connect me at +91-124-4965-782 (direct)

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    This pack offers a unique shape, easy peel opening and conversion into a tray.

    Its great to have pouch which can also be used as teh serving tray and more important, can be opened easily. This has been my problem all the time, I wonder why snack companies never thought about it

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