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Headlight Packaging

This transport headlight packaging is designed so that it creates a simple manipulation unit that is fully palletized on the EUR pallet

New food packaging in trains soon

You could soon see food in new packaging in trains

 Presentation packaging for hearing aids

The MED-EL audio processor patient kit for hearing implants unifies different packaging solutions with its new, modular design.

Die Cut Insert Tray for CardioFocus Heart Light Ablation System

The CardioFocus Heart Light Ablation System Balloon Catheter Die-Cut Tray manufactured by Beacon Converters Inc. is honored with multiple industry awards for innovation and sustainability.

Catcher Board MB12 is an innovative board solution developed by Smurfit Kappa to prevent the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons from packaging into food products

Catcher Board MB12 reduces the migration of any organic substances by 99%, and has been tested for a shelf life of more than 12 months. It is certified by Eurofins and ISEGA, both world leaders in the  food and pharmaceutical product testing and approved laboratories for food safety.

Tray Typer

The KFC Tray Typer is an ultra-thin, water- resistant, rechargeable wireless keyboard with built-in Bluetooth.

Brand promotion

Take away bucket that can print smartphone photos

Smart Sunscreen Lotion features printed sensor

A sunscreen aerosol can, that identifies skin-type, sun levels and calculates the maximum “safe” time in the sun.

Take it easy with AD*STAR® *carry

Trouble-free filling on the newest automatic cement filling lines and minimum breakage rates during transport and storage: the precisely manufactured and robust AD*STAR  sacks make filling and transporting cement even more efficient – very much in line with the ongoing modernisation of China’s cement sector,  which aims at increasing the overall production efficiency. 

Take away packaging for theatre

The NaPak packaging tray has been developed for take-out orders at the movie theatre, offering a more hygienic option for holding fried snacks such as nachos or french fries and as a holder for the cup at their chair.

Bottles made of wood

This is a natural fiber compound bottles which look like turned out of wood. This bottle represent a promising alternative to conventional packaging and open up new application possibilities.

GrassBox for shoe packaging

This Grass box used for shoe packaging is a successful development of paper containing a high percentage of grass as a raw material.

Diet Coke launches “Absolutely Fabulous” packs supporting new film

Coca-Cola has unveiled limited-edition Diet Coke Absolutely Fabulous themed packs to mark the launch of the film in July.

Convenient packaging solution for pet food

Snap & feed is a new and practical , convenient packaging solution for pet food.

Water soluble label

SmartSolve labelstock is a white, supercalendared water soluble paper with a water-dispersible emulsion adhesive designed to dissolve in water.

Amcor Packaging Wins Three Alufoil Trophies

The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) has selected three Amcor packaging solutions as winners of an Alufoil Trophy 2016 in the categories of Consumer Convenience, Technical Innovation,  and Resource Efficiency.

Temper evident carton design

Rondo offers Tamper Evidence solution that is integrated within the carton. The solution is replacement of traditional used counterfeiting or tampering solutions which had additional cost of procurement for glue and tape

Easy to tear strip & sachet packaging

With Easy Tear Everywhere packaging material for plastic stick packs, sachets and bags can be opened easily.

Rectal applicator

Enema dispenser with dust cover. Screw-on solution: Best suited for the Pharma, Healthcare markets.

Plastic out of wood

Scientists are now trying to create a climate-friendly alternative to plastics from renewable resources; bioplastic and MFC

Promotional Gift Packaging for Christmas

This Promotional Gift Packaging for Christmas is portraying customs and peculiarities from 24 regions / countries.


Single piece cardboard packaging made up for bath shower kit.


3-Dimensional round pouch consisting of four elements, all produced of aluminium-based laminates


Transparent packaging that allows consumers to see the product inside has been a growing trend on store shelves in recent years, but metal-free packaging was often not a practical option for products requiring an outstanding barrier.

Smart dry powder inhaler 

This Israeli invention delivers the medication better to overcome the drawbacks of current inhalers, gives the patient real-time feedback and provides hard data for the physician.
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ExxonMobil Chemical Co. has launched Exceed XP, a new polyethylene product that offers better performance for flexible packaging, at the Chinaplas trade show.


ProAmpac, a leading global flexible packaging company, is pleased to announce new pet food packaging solutions from their Ampac and Prolamina brands. ProAmpac will feature innovations to their PRO-POUCH® and PRO-DURA™ products at the 2016 Pet Food Forum.

Box Pouch with QuickZip for Flour

The White Lily reclosable Box pouch for specialty flour replaced traditionally used paper-walled bags which are not reclosable.

Light weight Protein Shake Pouch

The Protein Shake Pouch for EZY Pro 10 is re-closable, super lightweight stand up pouch made by Ampac Flexibles.

India’s Automat Irrigation Announced Winner for Technology Innovation Award for Filter System Using DuPont™ Zytel® Nylon

Automat Irrigation Pvt. Ltd. successfully redeveloped the hydrocyclone for drip irrigation systems by replacing metal with DuPont™ Zytel® nylon resins. Automat is India's leading irrigation company and one of the largest manufacturers of irrigation products globally.

Easy to use Chesse Fondü Packaging

A unique package for Emmi’s “All In One Fondü”, a ready-to-eat cheese fondue, delivers the cheese dip in a microwaveable metal bowl with an easy-peel opening made of aluminium foil. The lid comprises Amcor Flexibles’ AluFix® Retort Pro membrane, which is part of Ardagh Group’s convenient lid system Easy Peel®.

Food product packaging to undergo more safety tests

FSSAI will be soon going to follow new norms which will apply to food products sold by Indian as well as multinational companies.


Securitypackfix is the new shipping box with security bottom and top. It offers a reliable theft protection as it prevents any attempt to remove articles from the pack during transport without leaving visible traces.

Cost-effective Low GSM bleached paperboard

Tembec launch of FSC®-certified Kallima Coated Cover C2S 16 pt – the latest extension of its line of bleached paperboard products. This new product release stems from Tembec’s continuous investment into its research and development operations as well as a relentless focus on providing customers with superior quality products and solutions.

Plastic to Mashroom

Unger, a Austrian designer partnered with Julia Kaisinger and Utrecht University to develop a system prototype which uses nature to process synthetic waste to break down plastic and grow edible, fluffy biomass.

Easy-To-Open Barex Replacement Takes On Pharmaceutical and Single Dose Applications.

Peelable Exponent is designed for hard to hold and sensitive chemicals. It is ideal for sample and single dose applications.

Bomilla’s delicious sweets get higher performing packaging

Bomilla has a rich history of delicious sweets and high quality chocolates since 1926. They wanted their high quality sweets to have a packaging that achieved the same level of outstanding quality.

Innovative Egg Packaging

Colorful Eye catchy biodegradable egg packaging

Mono-material Flexirigid container

SkinnyPack, a mono-material package that combines flexible and rigid packaging to create a thin, light and strong structure that uses less material, enables recycling and allows more message space.

The Orbit™ Closure: An Opening Revolution

The Orbit™ Closure is an award-winning, revolutionary metal closure designed to be universally easy to open and enhance convenience for consumers of all ages.

Amcor’s Formpack- A New Cold form Blister

Amcor's Formpack blister can be elongated more than standard cold form solutions, resulting in cavities that can be drawn deeper. 

Child-Resistant Packaging for Nasal Pump

WestRock Launches the Child-Resistant, Consumer-Centric HiMark® CR Nasal Pump which is Child resistive.

Capsu'Matic: Gel Capsule Dispenser

Stiplastics designed and developed a new solution to dispense gel capsules known as Capsu’Matic

Cadbury revamps 80-year-old Roses wrappers

Mondelez, the US owners of the iconic British brand are switching to modern tear-off wrappers. The company is also risking the wrath of, the often very vocal, Roses lovers by changing the shape of two of the chocolates, the hazel in caramel and coffee escape.

Dow’s Microfoaming Technology 

Microforming is an Innovative technology enables the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through new method that increases packaging production with the same amount of raw material.

Gift packaging for wine

This reclosable newly developed and manufactured packaging in Grafobal consists of two parts.

Flip-N-Sea: Innovative fitment, connection and dispensing system

Flip-N-Seal is new aseptic fitment which delivers a convenient connection and dispensing solution that is safe and sanitary and allows connection without removing a cap and exposing the product inside

Interactive Packaging using smart label

Avery Dennison worked with Mineral Fusion, to introduce its newest line of cosmetics using DirectLink near field communication (NFC) technology to provide product information to consumers in a compelling, interactive way.

Spectra unveil new anti-counterfeit print technique

Spectra Packaging have recently developed a clever new print technique to help counter brand counterfeiting.

Amcor Anti-counterfeit solution for Pharma Packaging

N'CRYPT is Amcor's proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Security Solutions represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection.


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