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Lightweight 1-liter PET bottle for milk and mixed milk beverages

KHS develop lightweight 1-liter PET bottle for milk and mixed milk beverages was developed ready for the market and extensively tested at the Bottles & Shapes™ Center at KHS' site in Hamburg. As a handy alternative, the ultra-lightweight PET bottle offers many advantages versus the beverage carton.

Easypack to launch its Spiral Pro dispenser

Spiral Pro delivers high volumes of 100 % recycled void fill paper packaging in seconds.Easypack offers a wide range of standard or bespoke packaging systems which are hand built in the UK.

Packaging deliver a different multi-element formula

Packaging features six-position, custom-blending design that allows end-users to design a personalized hair regimen by simply turning the dispenser.

Ready to Go Pomegranate Pack

Its ready to go pomegranate pack with an eye catchy appeal


LINPAC and Graphic Packaging collaborated to develop the four pack styles, which offer bakers and retailers superior and stylish on-shelf presentation to drive sales. Two leading food packaging manufacturers have teamed up to create a premium range of patisserie cartons ideal for cakes, cream buns, gateaux and pastries.

eCommerce packaging with return option

Box made for ecommerce, with smart lock features locks at both ends. Return of goods in the same box is possible twice, without using tape.

Walkers to launch Tear ‘n’ Share bag

The new packs can be transformed into a unique sharing bowl straight from the pack.

High barrier coating that ensure a shelf life of 3-5 years for food

For NASA’s Advanced Food System (AFS), Luminit developed a new One-Component Encapsulating material based on an innovative composite (or hybrid) of polymer and sol-gel as a directly deposited barrier coating on packaging polymers such as PET, polyolefins, and polycarbonate.

Coating that replaces 100% polyethylene

The Bio-Plus Earth containers with Smart Planet’s EC-40 coating contain up to 60% less polymer content by weight than 100% low-density PE coatings. 

Transport packaging for bumpers

Recyclable paper based bumper packaging

Packaging of Large Component Packaging (of up to 700 cubic feet)

ExPak XL is NEFAB Group's new patented packaging solution, engineered for fast, efficient and safe packaging for volumes of up to 700 cubic feet.

Easy to use packaging for Sunscreen Applicator

SunSmudg is a compact reusable sunscreen applicator. The users fills the product with their preferred sunscreen for an easy and mess free on the go application.

Award win for Flextreme Flexo printing

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Harlingen is delighted to have won the 2015 award for Technical Innovation at the prestigious EFTA-Benelux Flexographic awards, which took place in Antwerp recently.  

Unique lidding solution for a revolutionary new tea machine from Unilever

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury (formerly Chadwicks) has designed and manufactured an innovative lidding solution for the capsules used in a revolutionary new tea machine.

Enviro Barrier

Its fully recyclable water resistant Paper sack

Footy Water bottle

PET water bottle that replicates the traditional Sherrin football shape. 

Coffee capsule pack

This Pack provides longer product shelf life and better aroma protection

Absorbent Fruit Pads incorporate anti-microbials

NEW absorbent fruit pad technology which uses anti-microbials effectively to extend the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits is being launched by AIPIA member Sirane.

Medicines Monitor Uses E-Ink Technology

Intelligent packaging for pharmaceauticals

OptiShop: shelf managing RRP for faster moving consumer goods

OptiShop is DS Smith’s range of innovative Retail Ready Packaging (or Shelf Ready Packaging), designed to improve shopper convenience.

Label to sense ripening of fruits

By simply viewing this lable customer can know the ripening of fruits. 

Shoe box as shoe cabinet

This shoe box is designed by Katherine Gross is multipurpose which take the shape of small rack. 

Sustainable packaging for on the go

Anchor developed a sustainable packaigng solution for on the go food meals. 

Balance it with PackagingConnections

New philosphy - Simple, Usable and Systematic

FDA Bans Chemicals In Pizza Box And Other Food Packaging Linked To Cancer, Birth Defects

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared it toxic after various health-related groups, including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Center for Food Safety, filed a petition against the chemicals.

Smearsafe™ Blood Dispenser

Smearsafe offers a simple, seamless way to dispense a drop of blood from a tube. In a matter of seconds, a lab tech can insert Smearsafe, collect the required blood, and dispose of any unwanted components, without ever removing the lid of the tube.  

Reusable Packaging

LG’s award winning ‘Reusable Eco Package’ not only allows to use the boxes for other packaging purposes, but it can be used for entirely different purposes.

Kite Packaging launch new Steel Strapping products

Steel strapping is traditionally the strongest form of strapping ideal for securing heavy loads, handling items needing high tensile strength security and strapping sharp or irregular shaped loads – commonly used within the building and export industries.  

Light weight closure for edible oils market

United Caps introduces 29/21 GREEN1P, a reliable mono-piece closure for edible oils, vinegars and sauces that is lighter and more competitively priced than the previous solution.

On the go pack for boiled egg

The pack offers consumer convenience to consume a perfect soft-boiled egg in just five minutes by this pack of new brand 'Yowk' developed by RPC Design and RPC Bebo UK.

Art on a bottle with dry offset

Aluminium based beer bottles are printed in HD dry offset with sharp screens on a metal base. 

Absorbent Fruit Pads incorporate anti-microbials

Packaging that act as anti-microbial, to extend the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits

Roll on applicator for din18 bottles

Verbeeck Packaging Group has added a brand new innovative product to its catalogue: a brand new roll on fitment with stainless steel roller and tamper evident cap for din18 glass bottles.

New Nano-alloy can cut cost of PE inks

Affordable conductive inks with high oxidation can be used in Printed Electronics,including those for packaging.

A combination lock to prevent blood transfusion errors

Medical errors can have serious consequences, but mistakes during blood transfusions are particularly unacceptable. Though such errors are rare, they do still occur, and Typenex Medical, a Chicago, Illinois company, has created a solution that pretty much eliminates the possibility for errors.

PepsiCo Doritos ‘Score and Win'

PepsiCo Doritos ‘Score and Win' POP(Point of sale) packaging design creates a “mirrored” half pallet TRDU unit.

Pasteurisable PET jars

Hot fill, Pasteurisable PET jars


Egnite is a high-luster laminate available in a variety of shades. Its metallic foil enhances its ability to block while also offering a striking level of product differentiation.

Innovative tube laminate

It provides quality barrier properties against bacteria, water, oxygen and light.

One Piece Loudspeaker Packaging

Smurfit Kappa design for loudspeaker stood out by being made from just one single cut. 

Snap Pac pouch makes lawn spreading simple

The Scotts Co. has stirred up a stagnant lawn-care product category with a new lawn spreader system featuring a custom pouch with fitment that becomes an integral part of the product-dispensing process.

POS slidebox

Optimum presence of goods with unobstructive look of the product

Staeger's Orchid Packs Highly desirable botanical masterpieces

TESCO decided to re-launch its established range of exotic plants, a new and innovative packaging format was essential to showcase these highly desirable botanical masterpieces.

Packaging creating Brand Differentiation

Innovative approach for Brand Identification

Packaging creating Brand Differentiation

Innovative approach for Brand Identification

Rexam supports Metalman, local Irish craft brewer, to launch first ever craft beer in cans

Rexam has partnered with Irish craft brewer, Metalman, to launch the brand’s first ever range of canned beers; marking a move from traditional draught to single serve in can.  

LED light bulb packaging

LED light bulb packaging with a paper craft-like structure.The packaging can just be folded without the need for heat moulding.

3D printed pacemakers

An alternative way of transplantable biomedical devices by directly printing three-dimensional (3D) medical electronics. 

Instant Knockout

Eye catching transparent packaigng for weight lossing capsules. 


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