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Introducing New VIST™ Technologies for Clean Cannabis at MJBizCon Expo

Proprietary CryoPasteurization™, AMAPS™ Packaging, & Screening Systems to Deliver Enhanced Consumer Experience.

To meet growing demand for science-based cannabis decontamination, screening, and extended shelf-life packaging, VIST™ Labs LLC is introducing  CryoPasteurization™ and AMAPS™ packaging technologies as part of a first-of-its kind, end-to-end mobile solution that delivers cleaner cannabis to consumers. The proven systems address early detection, decontamination, and safe storage of flower and shake while assuring plant potency and enhanced consumer experience. VIST proprietary technologies will be displayed at North America's largest cannabis show MJBizCon Oct. 20-22, 2021 in Las Vegas.

VIST is offering its proprietary technologies through corporate owned operations in Colorado and through franchising opportunities in various states. Additional locations in the U.S. and Canada will be added soon.

"Every consumer deserves clean cannabis. Our products are never irradiated. The VIST technologies and mobile platform are designed to help cultivators, processors, and dispensaries enhance their quality control and deliver systems using many of the safe and best practices adopted by the food industry," states Jim Sanfilippo, founding partner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Oversights in cannabis processing and insufficient internal quality control can lead to problems with mold and bacterial contaminants on cannabis flower. Due, in part, to increasing product recalls, concerns about cannabis safety and potency are growing at the same time the industry is expanding.

Knowing in advance and addressing any hidden microbiological issues that may be present before distribution provides cannabis business owners with profit protection and improved quality control.

For a decade, the cannabis industry has gathered annually at MJBizCon, making it the largest, cannabis business conference in the world. The 2021 event returns to Las Vegas Oct. 20-22, 2021 and will showcase over 1,100 exhibitors.

The exclusive VIST system includes:


The CryoPasteurization™ technology is designed to kill mold, yeast, and other bacteria while retaining terpene and cannabinoid levels as well as positive organoleptic qualities of cannabis. The patent-pending technology rapidly pasteurizes cannabis to remove harmful contaminants without irradiation.

AMAPS™ Packaging

The VIST Aseptic Modified Atmosphere Packaging System (AMAPS) extends product shelf life and protects terpenes and cannabinoids.

AMAPS equipment automatically weighs and loads 1 to 7 pounds of flower into barrier bags. To create the optimum environment to slow mold and bacterial growth, the packaging equipment uses proprietary, multi-laminar flow modified atmosphere technology. This reduces oxygen to parts per million while helping to retain moisture levels. All of this is done in a Class 100 clean room environment inside the packaging machine. Various bulk packaging formats are available.

The VIST AMAPS technology is the cumulation of many years of developments within the pharmaceutical and food industries. VIST founders are pioneers in extended shelf-life packaging of perishable goods including injectable drugs and infant formulas. They hold over 220 patents in the field.

Mobile Services

Equipment is rolled off customized Sprinter vans and brought into licensed grow and processing facilities. All work is performed in customer's facilities. Vans are temperature controlled and include areas for WIFI data collection, packaging materials, screening kits, and other supplies.

Quality Control Indicative Screening

VIST developed a fast and reliable screening system to identify the level of mold, yeast and aerobic bacteria that may exist in flower or shake. The system comes in pre-packaged kits. All the necessary screening components are included.

In addition, VIST technicians are trained to gather samples in a manner that does not remove any physical flower from licensed facilities. Samples are collected and incubated, then data is tabulated to understand plate count levels (Colony Forming Units) pre and post VIST technology.