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Carbon Compensation As A Service for Packaging

BoƩa Packaging, Italy, are taking their sustainability services one step further. In addiƟon to offering top quality sustainable packaging opƟons they are now going to ensure their customers can truly minimise their environmental impact by offering carbon-offseƫng as a service.

BoƩa are known for helping their customers achieve their sustainability goals by providing innovaƟve sustainable packaging soluƟons. Despite this, BoƩa recognise there was more they could do. Their challenge was that most of their packaging was already low impact. Corrugated cardboard boxes and paper-based packaging come from sustainable sources. They can be recycled numerous Ɵmes and even be made out of recycled materials, making them a valuable part of the circular economy. So where else could BoƩa help customers make impact reducƟons?

They will always look to reduce the impact of their packaging first. But there are impacts that by their nature cannot be removed completely, including producƟon and transport emissions. It is these emissions that BoƩa is offering to offset as a service to customers. This service will include reports that can Ɵe in with their customers’ exisƟng environmental reporƟng systems.

As packaging is so oŌen the first thing a customer sees of a business, customers can have their climate neutral packaging cerƟficaƟon printed on the packaging alongside a QR code that links through to the cerƟfied project the company is contribuƟng to. This way customers’ commitments can be easily communicated.

“We know that for our customers, reducing their impact is not only the right thing to do for the planet, but also the right thing for their business. Helping them to remain ahead of the game when it comes being sustainable at every stage of their value chain. It is a very real threat these days to lose out to a compeƟtor who can offer more sustainable soluƟons and alternaƟves. We want to help protect our customers and their reputaƟons by offering them every opƟon possible to achieve their sustainability goals and remain compeƟƟve.” Lara BoƩa, VP BoƩa Packaging, Italy

ABOUT BOTTA PACKAGING BOTTA Packaging is an Italian family company which has been in the corrugated cardboard packaging business for over 70 years. The company has a leading and compeƟƟve experƟse in Eco-friendly packaging. BOTTA Packaging is commiƩed to offer paper-based packaging alternaƟves to its customers, in the mission to help them aƩain their sustainability goals. BOTTA Packaging collaborates and cooperates with UniversiƟes, Companies and Start-Ups to address innovaƟon in the packaging industry, believing firmly in an Open InnovaƟon approach. Its strategy is focused on challenging and pursuing the most avant-garde packaging innovaƟons that can be boosted and enhanced to respond to the packaging sector’s needs, their central focus.

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