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Packaging solutions for sensitive products

Wolfertschwenden, 14 September 2021 - At this year's Compamed MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions for sensitive products. The highlight will be the RX 4.0 thermoforming packag-ing machine in GMP design, which will be presented to the visitors for the first time. In conjunction with an integrated handling mod-ule and an InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK, it forms an efficient solution for producing and printing combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial.

RX 4.0 in GMP design for producing combi packs
The line is completely enclosed in a housing. In addition to the machine's comprehensive sensor system, the new generation of intelligent dies also contributes to the high level of efficiency, process reliability, and operat-ing security. Thanks to their highly developed actuating system, the RFID-coded X-tools enable the die to be changed quickly and reliably during product changes. The packaging solution in Düsseldorf will be used to produce a combi pack. The RX 4.0 is equipped with an InteliJet HD digi-tal printer from BELL-MARK for coding the packs. An integrated H 242 handling module in the outfeed area removes the packs from the ma-chine.

Traysealer designed to meet the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries 
With its mobile and compact T 260 traysealer, MULTIVAC is showing a model that is designed for running a wide spectrum of trays, and which offers companies packing small to medium-sized batches a high degree of process reliability, reproducibility, and above all flexibility. The sealing die ensures that a controlled sealing pressure and precise temperature distribution are achieved. Critical parameters are monitored permanently by sensors.

Secure packaging of medical products in film pouches
MULTIVAC will be showing the C 300 TC chamber machine for packing sterile medical products in pre-made pouches. It enables packs to be produced either as vacuum packs or with modified atmosphere and re-duced residual oxygen content. A temperature-controlled and perma-nently heated sealing bar ensures that this cleanroom-compatible ma-chine achieves reproducible sealing quality, and the whole process can be calibrated and validated. 

Carrier system as the basis for the controlled transportation, loading and buffering of syringes
MULTIVAC is also showing a carrier system with integrated H 242 han-dling module for loading syringes into combi packs. A high-performance vision system will be used on the carrier system. This ensures that, even at high throughput, all the packs are inspected for completeness, and it also checks whether the individual products are loaded correctly into the pack cavities. 

Wrap-around labelling of cylindrical containers
Among the other exhibits is a compact solution for the wrap-around la-belling of glass or plastic bottles. The L 320 conveyor belt labeller was specially developed for rapid and precise labelling of round or oval bot-tles, pots or glass jars. Since the labeller is constructed of standard modular elements, it can be perfectly designed for the requirements of the particular sector. In addition to this, the conveyor belt labeller can easily be upgraded with additional components, such as the MRT 100 rotating table, so that the products can be brought directly to the label-ling process, or buffered if required. The model is also very versatile when it comes to label positioning. Labels can be positioned on all sides, as well as over the pack edges or as wrap-around labels. The applica-tion of sealing labels is also possible. Thanks to a minimum of format parts, which can be changed very quickly, the 
L 320 can be converted to different products within a short period of time. The rapid change of label rolls, together with the use of low-maintenance components, also contribute to the labeller's high level of availability. 

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MULTIVAC is one of the leading providers worldwide of packaging solu-tions for food products of all types, life science, and healthcare prod-ucts, as well as industrial items. The MULTIVAC portfolio covers virtually all requirements of processors and producers in terms of pack design, output, and resource efficiency. It comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, as well as automation solutions, labellers, and quality con-trol systems. The product range is rounded off with solutions upstream of the packaging process in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our extensive expertise in packag-ing lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. This means that MULTIVAC solutions guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency. The MULTIVAC Group has approximately 6,700 employees worldwide, with some 2,300 based at its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. With over 85 subsidiaries, the Group is represented on all continents. More than 1,000 sales advisors and ser-vice technicians throughout the world use their know-how and experi-ence to the benefit of customers, and they ensure all installed MULTIVAC machines are utilised to their maximum. Further information can be found at: 

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