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  • The first Sealed Paper Packaging

    First tightly Sealed Paper Packaging which was launched by Bosch Packaging Technology and Billerud

  • Senior Friendly Closure packaging

    Easy Safe and intuitive opening

  • Multilayer on the go coffee cup

    RPC Bebo Plastik has developed a multilayer on-the-go cup for a new ready-to-drink iced coffee from one of a fastest growing coffee shop brands in the world.

  • EasyLid

    This innovative lid replaced the extra lid requirement used for containers.

  • Bringing Augmented Reality to Cans

    CrownSmart™ is a new innovation designed to connect brands with end-users, allowing brands to gain an edge with the end user and access unrivalled consumer data.

  • Aroma protection packaging for coffee and tea

    The GustoCan is 100% made of tinplate, which distinguishes it from common packaging for products with volatile flavor.

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