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Counterfeit Protection from Analogue to Digital

The whirring sound of the rotary dial telephone has long become a thing of the past. Like phones, many other devices and functions have managed the leap into the digital age. Anti-counterfeiting technology is a case in point: Color-shifting inks or classic holograms known from paper money are increasingly complemented by digital security features that can be read using smartphones. These features enable automatic authentication and offer a wide variety of added value. The future of innovative anti-counterfeiting labels lies in the development of such digital solutions. Schreiner ProSecure provides Schreiner Group with an in-house competence center at which experts are intensively engaged in this field.
These professionals convert their comprehensive know-how and long-standing experience from numerous successful projects into economical solutions delivering maximum
levels of security.

There is a growing awareness among consumers that a purchased product is not necessarily an original. Overt security features such as color-shifting inks and holograms are frequently found on products. They are intended to indicate to the consumer that the product is an original. However, as long as it is visually attractive, customers are often unable to tell with the naked eye if the anti-counterfeiting feature itself may be a fake. Digital solutions remedy this situation: for instance, by automatically comparing a photo of the feature the buyer has taken with a referenced original based on defined criteria. This makes it possible to conclusively tell whether the feature is an original or a fake. Especially in the case of Pharmaceuticals or automotive spare parts, such solutions provide quite a bit of additional security.



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