Building on last week’s blog, we are back with a quick-read on how to optimize your e-commerce packaging. Finding the right balance between appropriate protection and minimal material used is a task and a half. So, let’s go over a few examples that might help us determine designs, materials, and sizes fit for the e-commerce packaging industry.




    The commodity and FMCG industries have observed a global shift in the way products are packaged in a short period of time; whether it was because of hygiene concerns during the coronavirus pandemic or due to growing fears that pushed for sustainability before that.

    Global lockdowns in the past two years also espoused eCommerce – a way of life that changed how consumers interacted with sellers in the market and how trade took place at different levels and stages of the economy.


    Among many other highlighted events, such as the Ukraine-Russia War, the growing EV sector, developments in the Metaverse, and the recent heatwave in India, 2022 has also brought about revolutionary green packaging technology. Following are Packaging Connections picks for 2022s’ most sought after innovations and designs in the sustainable packaging industry so far:

  • Web3 and Packaging

    The bloggers at Packaging Connections have spoken about the growing use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and smart and interactive packaging technology on numerous occasions.

    In 2022, as we observe an almost cult-like shift towards decentralized systems, trending NFTs, the “metaverse” and its realization in the physical world, a new era of marketing, branding, and by association, the packaging seems to emerge.


    Branding and design are crucial investments for the marketing of any product. When the product’s use cases and its brand image go hand-in-hand, sales are bound to go through the roof.

    Aligning your business strategy with the look of your product and it’s packaging can make or break a deal.

    In this blog, we will talk about how design can be used to create a face for your product and how appropriate placement in media is critical to sales.

  • How A Warehouse Management System Impacts Packaging Efficiency

    There has never been a time as it is now when the demand for efficiency is so high in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers face the challenge of producing more products within only a limited time frame. A part of coming up with those products also entails perfecting your packaging. It is like the cherry on top that contributes to having products that sell fast as they can attract the market you are targeting.

  • Evolution of Pottle to Punnet - New Age Basket

    Now in supermarkets, and grocery stores everywhere you that plastic box in which strawberries, grapes, and many different fruits and vegetables are packed, those are called PUNNET

  • Point of Purchase Displays: Customer Engagement and Brand Presence

    Point of purchase displays are used as a marketing tool in the retail industry to encourage customers to engage with products. Such visuals have historically augmented sales and enhanced customer retention.

    POP displays are standalone features, separate from the traditional display shelves and aisles thus ensuring additional facings and interactions for products with customers. One might find POP displays at the head and foot of aisles, in the “action alley” or near payment counters. They can also be placed at the entrance of the store.

  • Evolution of Burlap in Packaging

    A versatile material that goes by many names, Burlap, also known as Hessian in the United States and Canada, and Crocus in Jamaica, is a fabric made by weaving jute plant skin or sisal fibers together. These fibers are sometimes combined with other vegetable fibers to add certain features to the fabric.

  • Daniel Rippy Talks LiquiGlide: Product Development, Use Cases and the Future

    Upon the recent launch of Colgate’s Elixir in collaboration with LiquiGlide in Canada, Packaging Connections took the opportunity to invite Mr. Daniel Rippy, CBO of LiquiGlide to learn more about the technology, its application in various industries, and their expansion plans.

    Currently, LiquiGlide’s patented EverDropTM Technology is a first-of-its-kind slippery coating that compliments clear, recyclable packaging tubes such as the one employed in “Elixir”.  

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