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Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over many advanced processes in all industries. At its current rate of advancement, AI is making a big dent in the production and distribution of packaging as well.  

Let’s go over some of the technology that AI has backed in the packaging industry.  

  1. Vision Systems 

AI models have been created to process customer complaints and improve products. These help in optimizing packaging that can in turn help reduce damage to the product.  

The algorithms today are so precise that they can pinpoint if a cardboard box needs to be replaced with cloth bags and can consider aspects such a light weighting and sustainability.  

Such machine learning systems can help reduce delivery costs, carbon footprint and improve efficiency to up to a 100%.  

  2. Recycling Systems 

AI-powered robots using optical sensors can segregate waste without leaving room for human error to mistake something unrecognizable to be something it is not. This will reduce mixing of waste streams and improve the recycling process.  

  3. Data Labelling 

Automated data labelling would be a standardized procedure that can help reduce customer dissatisfaction and loss of profit due to human error. Data embedded barcodes are an example of AI in date labelling. Scanning of these barcodes can be used to protect packaging lines from errors, emergency product withdrawals (EPWs), and product recalls. 

  4.Product Engineering  

Engineering data can be used to help manufacturers and designers create more sustainable products. Machine learning models can also be used to predict design performance.  


Companies designing AI solutions for packaging: 

  • OAL designed AI-powered data labels 

  • AMP Robotics is working to revolutionize recycling with AI 

  • Monolith AI is the only product engineering AI provider 

  • Package X uses optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence to process packages 

  • Sensei manufactures AI-based Recycling Machines  


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