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Why pay for a webinar: 5 top reasons

During this Corona crisis, there had been number of webinars and that too free. Initially I was tempted and then I realised that most of them have been sucking my energy with no real take away. Later I invested into some paid webinars and then realised the marked difference. I analysed the reasons behind and some of the top 5 reasons that I could think are:

A Paid Webinar:

  1. 1. Is likely  not to be sponsored by a third party so no direct push sales
  2. 2. Is not aiming to sell a product/service or act as advertisement
  3. 3. Can be held accountable for the information it provides
  4. 4. Is more likely to provide a holistic overview of subject at hand
  5. 5. Organizers value your time and are accountable for the content

And there are many more reasons, so we have to be careful who is offering the webinar and what could be the motive behind? Every free webinar is not bad but we have to be careful as saying goes, there is no free lunch,

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