• Marketing 101: Can You Judge A Product By Its Package?

    Packaging used to be taken for granted; it was considered nothing but a layer of protection for the product within and a means of getting it from point A to point B. Because there was no expectation from customers, manufacturers didn't pay much attention to branding, either.

    However, things have changed significantly since those days because product packaging now plays an essential role in the selling process.

  • Yash Pakka Introduces High-strength Paper; Aims to Revolutionize E-commerce Packaging


    Yash Pakka, which is a sustainable packaging solutions provider, has introduced a high-strength paper that will be utilized to make sustainable bags for e-commerce deliveries. The high-strength paper features high-burst factor and high-tearing strength properties, which makes it an optimal option for e-commerce deliveries.

    Considering the growing focus on environmental protection, several e-commerce giants are making the switch from single-use plastics to paper for their packaging needs. However, the paper does not have the strength required to safely ship items. 

    “While e-commerce companies have displayed a propensity towards sustainable packaging, they do not have alternatives other than paper, which can be easily damaged during the transit. This is where our innovation comes into the picture,” Jagdeep Hira, Business Head at Yash Pakka, said. 

    The bags are created using bagasse sourced from sugar mills along with softwood imported from Sweden, Canada, and Finland. With one-side glazed, the high-quality paper makes for attractive printability for branding purposes. 

    "High-strength paper can be used to create high-quality safe bags that can cover long distances without damage to the bag or the product. We believe this will revolutionize packaging in the e-commerce space,” Hira added. 

    The company is currently producing 3400 MT/month to cater to the needs of its current market base comprising e-commerce bag manufacturing units in North India (Delhi-NCR). Going forward, the brand aims to expand its footprint for the high-strength paper to Maharashtra and Gujarat in the next 2-3 months while also foraying to the export market. 

    Yash Pakka Limited was founded in 1981 by KK Jhunjhunwala as Yash Papers Limited. Over the years, the company has transformed from a paper manufacturer to a sustainable packaging solutions provider. It works towards building a plastic-free future through its holistic approach. It has a strong business presence across 43 countries and aims to double its production capacity by 2023. 

  • Jabil Packaging Solutions Revolutionizes Wipes Packaging: Introducing Sustainable, eCommerce-friendly FusePack Wipes Packaging


     Jabil Packaging Solutions (JPS), a division of manufacturing solutions provider Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL), today announced its reinvention of the wipes container. FusePack wipes packaging combine the most powerful features of multiple different packaging substrates, leveraging the best elements of rigid and flexible components. This lightweight but strong package is more sustainable and eCommerce-friendly than the legacy alternatives.

    “Cleaning and sanitizing wipes have been steadily rising in popularity and since 2020, they’ve truly become a household staple,” said Vice President of Technology Ayana Johnson, Jabil Packaging Solutions. “While wipes have become an essential part of our lives, traditional wipes canisters are incredibly bulky, using an excessive amount of plastic while tending to lose moisture, causing decreased shelf life. As home delivery has taken off, we’ve seen traditional canisters struggle with the bumps, shocks and vibrations of shipping directly to consumers. These factors drove us to reinvent the wipes container with FusePack packaging.”

    The FusePack wipes container meets pressing market challenges head-on, including:

    • Wasteful packaging – FusePack wipes container is 30% smaller than comparable rigid plastic alternatives but holds the same amount of wipes; its strength also reduces the need for excessive secondary packaging
    • Shipping and shelf space inefficiencies – FusePack wipes containers nested structure, 68% weight reduction over comparable rigid packs and reduced package footprint means efficient transit and more units per shelf
    • Cracking/opening in the harsh transit conditions of ecommerce – the flexible yet strong pack can withstand the shocks, vibrations and temperature changes of ecommerce fulfillment
    • Wipes that dry out – FusePack is hermetically sealed, extending shelf life and eliminating leaking
  • Sustainable Green PE Mailing Bags


    We’re all about innovation, particularly if it means good news for the planet. That’s why we’re proud to be the first UK manufacturer to produce mailing bags using Green PE: a thermoplastic sustainable resin, made from sugar cane. Renewable. Recyclable. And ultimate product performance.

    Why Green PE?

    Unlike other ‘green’ products, our Green PE is totally sustainable, from source to production. The raw ingredient, sugarcane, is a water efficient crop that also captures carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Planted and grown to ethical guidelines, more CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere by the ethanol used to make GreenPE. In a nutshell, for each kilogram of green plastic produced using this method, we save 2.85kg of CO2, compared to using conventional oil-based polythene.

    GreenPE Benefits, compared to a conventional oil based polythene


    Produced from a completely renewable source (sugarcane), this is the ultimate in green packaging.

    Less Greenhouse Gas

    Because of its natural source, our GreenPE automatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


    Our GreenPE is recyclable in a closed loop recycling system.


    GreenPE has the same technical properties, appearance and versatility of applications of polyethylene from fossil source.

  • Basic of Garment Packaging

    Garment packaging is the procedure of wrapping, compressing, filling or creating of goods for the purpose of protection too their appropriate handling. This is the concluding procedure inward the production of garments, which prepares the finished trade for delivery to the customer. It is an of import part of the garment manufacturing process. Garment packaging is also job to learn lot of attending from the customer. After completing the entire manufacturing task, wearing clothing is required to live packed.

  • Packaging for Lamps and Lighting for safe delivery


    Moving Table Lamps

    Moving table lamps isn't difficult, but it requires quite a few steps.

    To pack a lamp, first remove the lightbulb and shade from the lamp. Wrap the cord around the lamps base and tuck the plugged end into the wrapped cord to secure it.

    Put the shade to the side, taking care to handle it by the metal rims, not the sides. Lamp shades are as delicate as lamps, and can easily rip, bend, or get stained.

    Roll the entire lamp in a piece of bubble wrap about five to 10 inches longer than the lamp itself and secure the wrap with packing tape. You can use more than one piece of bubble wrap and overlap them, if necessary. The entire lamp should be protected, even on the top and bottom.

    Pack the lamp, standing up, in an extra tall box. You can purchase these boxes from any store that sells moving supplies. Reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape.

    Feel free to pack more than one lamp in a box. Just be sure to place extra padding, in the form of packing peanuts, newspaper, bubble wrap, or cloths between the lamps. Lamps shouldn't have space to shift during the move.

    Seal the box tightly, label it "Fragile" and "This side up," and list the contents, including the room where you'll put the lamps in your new home. The shade should be packed separately.

    Moving Lampshades

    After you've removed the shades from the lamps and packed the lamps, it's time to pack the shades. Stack shades inside each other, from smallest to largest, placing a piece of tissue paper or plain newsprint, which can be purchased at a store that sells moving supplies, between each shade. Do not use actual newspapers, as the ink can transfer to your lampshades and stain them.

    Place the stacked shades in a box, bottoms down. Use packing materials to secure the shades in the box, seal it up, and label it as "Fragile Lamp Shades." In the moving van, don't pack anything on top of the lampshades or else you run the risk of them getting damaged.

    Moving Lightbulbs

    Pack all lightbulbs together in a large box. You may use a Christmas ornament box, which will hold all the bulbs in separate compartments, or a regular moving box.

    Wrap each lightbulb completely with bubble wrap and secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Label the box, mark it fragile, and specify "This Side Up" on the box.

    If you only have a few bulbs making the trip, you can pack them with other small, fragile items. Just be sure to label the box, or take a photo of the contents and tape it to the outside of the box so you know where to find the bulbs.

    Moving Floor Lamps

    Many floor lamps can be broken down into smaller pieces, making it easy to pack the lamp in a box. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap or cloth to prevent scratching, seal the box, label it, and mark it "fragile." Make sure to remove the lightbulbs and pack them separately.

    You may prefer to move your floor lamps in one piece. If so, remove the lightbulbs and pack them separately. Wrap the lamp in a moving blanket and secure the blanket with packing tape. Lie the lamp on the floor of the moving van near a wall, where it won't get stepped on or have other items placed on top of it, or stand it up between two heavy pieces of furniture so it can't move during transit.

    Moving a Chandelier

    Moving a chandelier safely requires the following items:

    - heavy corrugated cardboard box, reinforced on the bottom with packing tape, large enough to hold the chandelier plus two inches of foam on the top and bottom
    - two additional boxes (for lightbulbs and the pieces of your chandelier)
    - bubble wrap
    - packing foam
    - packing tape
    - packing peanuts
    - twist ties
    - screwdriver
    - someone else to help you

    After you've removed the chandelier from the ceiling, detach prisms, chains, candle cups, and arms. Wrap the pieces separately in bubble wrap and place them in a moving box. Label the box with the words "fragile" and "chandelier pieces." If you have more than one chandelier, put a number on the box, as well so can keep everything organized.

    Wrap the chandelier's cords and wires, securing them with twist ties. Place one piece of foam in the bottom of the reinforced box and place the chandelier on top. As you hold the chandelier upright, your helper should load packing peanuts into the box, completely surrounding the chandelier. You should be able to let go of the chandelier now and it should still stand upright. Place the second piece of foam on the chandelier, close the box, seal it and label it, marking it with the words "fragile," and "this side up."

    Pack the lightbulbs in their own box, wrapping each carefully in bubble wrap, labeling the box and marking it fragile.

    Do not stack heavy boxes on your chandelier or its components in the moving van.

  • Top 11 Benefits Of Using Industry-Grade Bulk Bags

    If you’re in a business that frequently transports materials, you probably need industry-grade bulk bags. Bulk bags are heavy-duty and durable bags, and some call them bulk containers or super sacks. Most bulk bags are woven and used in transporting heavy loads, usually carried by a forklift. 

    Bulk bags are versatile as they’re designed for different types and uses. As such, these bags are the go-to option when moving and storing agricultural food, chemical, and construction products.

  • Sushi Inspired corrugated packaging for clothes

    The Rollor Packaging has been tested and approved by UPS to ensure safe shipment. Certified engineers at the UPS Package Design and Test Lab used leading-edge technologies to simulate real-world package transport scenarios for the Rollor Packaging.

    All Rollor products work by rolling alongside a raised edge to create a protective pressure-free space inside the packaging. This unique technique has been patented as the Rollor Technology.

  • DS Smith develops 100% recyclable e-commerce packaging for Blaue Helden


    Cleaning with a clear conscience: The sustainable e-commerce packaging from DS Smith gives the environmentally friendly cleaning tabs from Blaue Helden a glamorous appearance in online retail, with 100 % corrugated cardboard and no plastic filling material at all.

    The Hessian (Germany) start-up Blaue Helden produces power tabs for mixing dishwashing and cleaning products yourself. With its refill tablets, the company wants to permanently reduce single-use plastic and CO2 emissions. The trend product and brand message are transported to the online customer in e-commerce packaging that is 100 % in line with Blaue Helden's ecological standards. The material-optimised solution made of 100 % corrugated cardboard comes from the think tank of DS Smith. Thanks to the precisely fitting inserts, no filling materials are required for shipping the 3 and 4 hero starter sets. In combination with the strong-identity exterior and interior print, the shipping packaging thus ensures one thing above all in addition to the protection of the product and nature: an unboxing that online shoppers will remember as a positive brand experience.

    Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental burdens on our planet. The start-up Blue Heroes, founded in 2019 in Germany, wants to counteract this. Their mission: with a power tab, a reusable spray bottle and water from the tap, anyone can easily mix their own bathroom cleaner, dishwashing liquid, all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner. According to the start-up, this not only permanently reduces plastic consumption in the household. Due to the low weight and packaging volume of the tabs, more than 90 percent of the CO2 emissions caused by transporting conventional cleaning agents in disposable plastic bottles can be saved at the same time.

    The environmentally friendly power tabs and reusable spray bottles are sold through selected drugstores and supermarkets as well as the company's own online shop. Blaue Helden offers an easy entry into a clean future with its two starter sets available online. For the development and production of the corresponding e-commerce packaging, the young company relies on the long-standing expertise of DS Smith. Just like the start-up, the globally active display and packaging company consistently focuses on sustainability in its business activities - with circular ready solutions and the 100 % recyclable material corrugated board.

    Consumers demand sustainable packaging

    Today's consumers not only attach importance to sustainable products. From the shopper's point of view, their packaging must also be environmentally compatible and resource-saving, as a study conducted by DS Smith and the market research company Ipsos Mori in 12 European countries in autumn 2020 shows. One in five (22 per cent) of the consumers surveyed said that they no longer order from some online retailers because their shipping packaging leaves something undesired in terms of sustainability. Conversely, this means that anyone who sends their products in sustainable e-commerce packaging, like the start-up Blaue Helden, is an additional winner.

    For the Helden packaging solution, DS Smith used only as much fibre as necessary in accordance with its own Circular Design Principles. Whether it's a 3-piece or 4-piece starter kit, the custom-fit corrugated cardboard inlay holds the products securely in place in the packaging without the need for additional filling materials such as plastic bubble wrap. Inlay and box can be unfolded in no time. But the DS Smith solution scores points with stress-free handling not only in the start-up's logistics centre, but also with its customers. Self-adhesive tape and tear tape enable the packaging to be closed just as quickly as it can be opened later.

    The packaging leaves a lasting impression, especially with its strong identity design. The corrugated board perfectly conveys the sustainable claim of the cleaning products start-up. Its brand message is prominently printed on the outside and inside of the packaging in high-quality flexographic printing. The box also has flaps on the inside into which a flyer can be inserted. The e-commerce shipping box gives the products a glamorous appearance when the packaging is opened. It emotionalises, serves as a confirmation of purchase and motivates repeat purchases: after all, who wouldn't want to become a lasting hero of a cleaner environment?

  • Adhesives and Peel Technology: Crash Course Part 1

    Adhesives are widely used in the packaging industry for various purposes; for forming, sealing and labeling boxes, bags, and other types of containers. However, not all adhesives are the same in their qualities. Based on application, some are stronger, some are more permanent, and some stick quicker than others.

    To understand how these features can be varied and controlled, let’s go over the 3 forces that are considered while designing a pressure-sensitive adhesive:

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