Building on last week’s blog, we are back with a quick-read on how to optimize your e-commerce packaging. Finding the right balance between appropriate protection and minimal material used is a task and a half. So, let’s go over a few examples that might help us determine designs, materials, and sizes fit for the e-commerce packaging industry.




    The commodity and FMCG industries have observed a global shift in the way products are packaged in a short period of time; whether it was because of hygiene concerns during the coronavirus pandemic or due to growing fears that pushed for sustainability before that.

    Global lockdowns in the past two years also espoused eCommerce – a way of life that changed how consumers interacted with sellers in the market and how trade took place at different levels and stages of the economy.

  • New wrapping machine from Sitma designed for e-commerce paper packaging


    According to Sitma, E-Wrap is designed to meet the demands of the logistics sector in terms of speed and efficiency. The company adds that the unit can be integrated into various production settings and hubs with different layouts, as well as combined with units for labelling and weighing.

    Sitma says that E-Wrap can be used for the automatic management of printing systems for e-commerce applications. Additionally, the machine can apparently insert documents into the package, such as invoices, delivery notes, return labels, coupons, and leaflets.

    E-Wrap can also coordinate with complex IT systems at logistics centres that manage data and track products in the supply chain, Sitma explains.

    Sitma claims that the E-Wrap’s flexibility is suited to packaging applications as it is able to create either envelopes or packs that fit the 3D form of the objects being packaged. The unit display can reportedly ‘read’ the objects to create customised packaging.

    In addition, E-Wrap can utilise heat-sealing paper that does not require an extra adhesive system, according to the company. Sitma says that this simplifies both the management of the production process and the maintenance of the machine.

    Sitma will debut the E-Wrap paper version at Ipack-IMA in Milan from the 3rd to the 6th of May, 2022, in Hall 6P, Stand B01 C02.

    In 2020, the manufacturer KHS announced that its Innopack Kisters system can wrap food and beverage cans in paper, as an allegedly lower-cost alternative to shrink film and wrap-around cartons.

    Mondi also collaborated with the Italian machine producer, ACMI, on a wrapping system for pallets that uses paper, which is apparently stretchable and resistant to punctures, instead of plastic. An LCA commissioned by Mondi last year suggests the company’s paper pallet packaging has a slightly lower climate-related impact, but neither the paper solution nor the plastic stretch film had an overall environmental advantage over the other.

  • Lee Skinny Jeans Packaging


    The Lee Skinny jeans packaging makes just as much of a fashion statement as the jeans themselves. The trend here is “skinny” and everything from the jeans inside the box to the jeans themselves are “skinny.” The packaging also adds to the visual merchandising of their stores. 

    With the Lee Skinny campaign generating a mad rush at all Lee stores, we decided to take it one step further. Lee wanted to be the brand for skinny jeans. So we created a packaging design that matched the season’s hottest trend – skinny. Needless to say, the packaging received just as many compliments as the ladies wearing the jeans themselves. In no time, people were spotted with skinny bags; everybody knew what they had just purchased and from where. The packaging also added to the visual merchandising of Lee stores.



    ne option includes the Eco-friendly Clear Bag, which is made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA), starch, glycerin and water, and is considered a “green” plastic bag. 

    The bag is water soluble, biodegradable, compostable, environmentally-safe and has eco-friendly printing.                 

    The brand is also is also replacing the bubble wrap inside the e-commerce packaging with more environmental-friendly honeycomb wrap and stuffing paper. The new cushioning honeycomb wrap is made of Kraft paper and is 100% recyclable. 

    Shiseido is aiming to shape a plastic-free future with the new packaging options, stating, “Brand Shiseido intensifies its goal to make the world a better and more beautiful place with a series of Sustainable Beauty Actions (SBAS).”

  • DS Smith to eliminate single use plastics in Activtek’s air purification systems packaging


    ActivTek manufactures and sells air purification systems. It works with ActivePure, an advanced active technology that has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame by the NASA Space Foundation.  Additionally, ActivTek offers specialised air purifiers to handle odour and bacteria treatment. ActivePure technology provides 99.99% coverage against SARS-COV-2 in just 3 minutes. The result is based on natural processes. And the devices are sold around Europe. With the high success of the last year on this area, Activtek was looking for a more optimal and environmentally friendly packaging.


    The ActivPure Kaseton air purifier was packed in a simple cardboard box with 4 polystyrene strips with grooves into which the device was inserted. The polystyrene crumbled when the device was inserted, this made a negative impact on the buyer's first impression.

    Additionally, Activtek wanted to replace the polystyrene for a more ecological material and aimed to change the standard packaging into one that corresponded to the high quality of the ActivPure Kaseton product.


    The new packaging designed by DS Smith aims to protect the valuable and fragile goods. The styrofoam slats have been replaced with cardboard inserts that are perfectly adjusted to the product. Plastics have been eliminated in 100%, and the cardboard insert is delivered flat. This means that it requires less storage space.

    The external packaging is made of 5-layer cardboard coming from recycled paper. Thanks to the appropriate design and the confirmation of strength tests , the packaging protects the product efficiently.

    It was also possible to significantly reduce the waste generated when cutting a package from a cardboard plate.

    The box is easy to fold and does not require gluing. This makes it easier to recycle as it is single-material and does not need to be separated before disposal.

    To ensure better customer experience and ease of use, the packaging also has an additional function. A template for product assembly is included on the external printing. The points marked on it makes it easier to drill holes for the handles.


    The new, environmentally friendly packaging allows to save space in the warehouse, improves the packaging process and reduces the consumption of raw materials. At the same time, the consumer experience has been improved. “Aesthetics, high durability, the device is very well protected during transport - comments Ewelina Wojtczak Administration and Logistics Coordinator at Activtek. - We have eliminated the need to use polystyrene. Die-cut fillings take up less storage space. The new packaging is more professional - we could also use the surface of the packaging to print the template to facilitate assembly. It would not be possible to include such a template in a 1: 1 scale manual. "

  • Hungary takes home first prize in the electronics category in the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2022


    DS Smith Packaging Hungary gained many recognitions of the packaging industry in 2021 and topped it off by winning their first-ever WorldStar Awards! The international jury selected their sustainable packaging solution developed for an automotive product as the best in the electronics category.

    The award-winning packaging solution

    The challenge was to unify the packaging for approx. 600 product types, replace the inefficient manual packaging process, and design out problem plastic & waste for sustainability.

    The solution is a 100% recyclable, size and material optimized packaging solution that is harmonized to fit a wide range of semiconductor products for Infineon Technologies.

    The innovative construction fits into automated lines (assemble, packing, labeling, palletizing), totally protects products from mechanical and electrical discharge, yet is user-friendly.

    The benefits are many. It reduced weight (96 tons annually) which helps to minimize CO2 emission and provides logistics optimization (cca. 25% fewer pallets/year) resulting in a material cost saving of 56%.

    The winning team

    Congratulations to the Hungarian designer-KAM duo that made it happen.

    Designer: Károly Pap

    KAM: Viktor Korompay


    With its PAPERbubble® paper sheets, protective packaging specialist Storopack now offers an innovative and eco-friendly substitute for traditional bubble cushioning in its range. Storopack’s PAPERbubble® product uses paper in combination with air. The new PAPERbubble® paper sheets offer the same outstanding, robust, and long-lasting protective properties as conventional air bubble products.

  • Bin Boxes & Warehouses Optimisation


    Planet Paper Box is a turnkey solution provider, having worked with some of the largest eCommerce and warehouse providers we can design, assemble and install custom systems to fit your needs.

    Bin Boxes help our clients :

    • Organize products efficiently
    • Boost storage capacity
    • Improve inventory tracking
    • Reduces Product Loss
    • Refine the pick, pack, and ship process

    From consultancy to design planning, prototyping and manufacturing. Planet Paper Box has bin box solutions to support organizations from 10,000 square feet to over 10,000,000.

    PPB offers highly tailored bin box solutions – from concept to creation to installation.
Services include pre-assembly and on-site assembly teams.



    • Pick & Pack corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_produce
    • Warehouse corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_meat
    • Consumables corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_consumables
    • Easy on the Environment corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_environmental
    • Extra stacking strength corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_strong
  • Amazon rolls out kerbside-recyclable paper packaging solution


    E-commerce retailer Amazon has introduced a packaging solution made from recycled paper to make grocery delivery more sustainable.

    Manufactured regionally in the US, the kerbside-recyclable insulation packaging will be used for delivering products from Amazon Fresh grocery hubs, stores and Whole Foods Market locations.

    Amazon has tested the packaging’s thermal effectiveness in its internal thermal labs, as well as in multiple external labs in North America and Europe.

    The retailer also conducted ‘secret-shopper programmes’ to validate the solution’s thermal effectiveness, as well as consumer pilots in multiple cities.

    Amazon Grocery vice-president Stephenie Landry said: “This new packaging is just the latest step in Amazon’s commitment to both The Climate Pledge, a bold commitment to be net-zero carbon across our business by 2040, and to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers and the planet.”

    The initiative is part of Amazon’s wider sustainability efforts and its commitment to becoming carbon-neutral across its business by 2040.

    It is expected to replace around 735,000lb of plastic film, 3.15 million pounds of natural cotton fibre and 15 million pounds of non-recyclable mixed plastic a year.

    Amazon grocery delivery packaging team senior programme manager Joe Rake led the project to develop the packaging.

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