• Self-Healing Nanofiber Time-Temperature Indicator for Securing Cold Chains


    Their research was published in the prestigious journal Advanced Materials IF:25.809 earlier this year: "A Self-Healing Nanofiber-Based Self-Responsive Time-Temperature Indicator for Securing a Cold-Supply Chain." This cold-chain safety sticker creates an image on it when exposed to room temperature (10 0C or higher). Room temperature exposure history and time throughout the cold chain delivery process are indicated but cannot be manually edited. When refrigerated or frozen foods are exposed to room temperature, usually bacteria begin to grow and reproduce. However, it is difficult to see visually as certain bacteria do not affect the taste and smell of foods and frozen foods have almost the same appearance even after melting and refreezing. The core technology of the cold-chain safety sticker is nanofibre film. The researchers attempted to attach a typical film on the back of this newly developed film. At low temperatures, the nanofibre film has a stable structure where thin threads intersect each other, making it opaque because the light is scattered. When exposed to room temperature for a period of time, this structure collapses. Specifically, the thin threads start to melt and become entangled with each other. This allows light to transmit through the film, making it appear transparent. Then the image produced on the typical film on the back becomes visible from the front, showing that the food may have spoiled. The researchers found a way to control the time that is required for the film to become transparent when exposed to room temperature, accounting for variations in spoilage times of different foods. So each sticker was designed to become transparent after a minimum of 30m and a maximum of 24 hours of exposure. This was achieved by controlling the composition and thickness of the nanofibres. Dr Dongyeop Oh from the KRICT said, "This sticker, once exposed to room temperature, cannot be restored to its original state, even if one attempts to refrigerate or freeze it again. Also, room-temperature exposure time cannot be manually adjusted. This means that there is virtually no room for any manipulation." “It does not require modularization, accurately measures localized or gradient heat and functions even after crushing, cutting, and when weight?loaded in a manner that existing TTIs cannot. It also contains no drainable chemicals and is attachable to various shapes because it operates through an intrinsic physical response,” he added. The cold-chain safety sticker can be widely used not only for food product applications but also for the cold-chain distribution of expensive medicine and medical supplies, they say. This is because the sticker is thin and flexible. It is estimated manufacturing cost is low at one cent per unit.

  • HexcelPack Introduces 100% Paper-Based, Fully Recyclable Protective Mailer

    A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bubble mailers, company’s Hexcel’ope™ is ideal for the e-commerce market.

    Bristol, CT – HexcelPack, a developer of eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble packaging and other plastic or foam-based materials, has introduced Hexcel’ope™, an innovative, 100% paper-based protective mailer. Developed as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic bubble mailers commonly used throughout the e-commerce supply chain, Hexcel’ope™ is curbside recyclable and fully biodegradable.

  • Edrington presents ‘Supplier of the Year’ award to Ardagh Glass Packaging

    The glass packaging supplier wins the coveted award for outstanding quality and service
    Ardagh Glass Packaging has been a major supplier of Edrington’s spirit bottles for over 30 years, producing premium bottles for brands such as The Famous Grouse and Brugal rum.

    In revealing the spirit producer’s overall choice of Supplier of the Year 2020, Edrington commented that they were impressed with Ardagh’s 100% quality record during the year.

    Ardagh Glass Packaging Sales Director UK, Nick Witton, said:

  • Overcoming adversity with Sidel: high-speed PET water line installed for Iraqi National for Food

    Sidel has successfully installed its first high-speed PET packaging line for water in Baghdad as part of the greenfield project of Iraqi National Company for industrial food (Iraqi National for Food). With a speed of 48,000 bottles per hour (bph), the outstanding line efficiency of 96% corresponds closely with the high sustainability standards and right-weighting expertise in packaging design provided by Sidel. The new Dinar bottle produced for Iraqi National for Food comes in three sizes and is manufactured with the lightest preform on the market, based on Sidel’s StarLite™ design.

  • Sidel Super Combi Compact water complete line enhances both performance and sustainability for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE

    Thanks to enhanced performance, Sidel’s Super Combi Compact complete water line opened the door for more business opportunities for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE (Zulal). Running at up to 45,000 bottles per hour (bph), the line not only delivers increased productivity by 280%, but also helps the company save 56% on energy costs, when compared with their existing PET line. In addition, with the new, lighter PET bottle and optimisation of utilities, there has been a considerable reduction in the overall carbon footprint.

  • Major packaging manufacturer AMP to open factory in NI


    AMP, part of the Ardagh Group, says it will represent an investment of about $200m (£149m). It is hoped the new beverage can-making facility will be operational at Global Point in Newtownabbey in 2023. AMP says it will create "full-time jobs for engineers, technicians and other roles" with details on the number of jobs being finalised. The firm says it will start recruitment next year. Ardagh is based In Luxembourg but the company has Irish roots.

    The international packaging group traces its origins back to glass manufacturing in Dublin in the 1930s. It was built by Irish businessman Paul Coulson who is the chairman and largest shareholder. The north Belfast initiative is part of a multi-billion dollars investment by the company, involving the construction of new, recyclable metal packaging capacity in Europe, North America and Brazil. The company says the factory will "service the growing needs of AMP's beverage customers in Ireland, the UK and Europe".

    Oliver Graham from AMP says the investment in Northern Ireland will help the company to "further [reduce] our carbon footprint by locating capacity closer to our end customers".

  • Incredible! Girl Makes Dress With Recycled KFC Packaging, Fast Food Giant Reacts


    The one thing that you will find in abundance on the internet is creativity. From interesting ideas to unique fusion dishes, there's something new to be learned or be inspired from at every scroll on your social media feed. The concept of sustainable fashion is also increasingly gaining momentum these days. Bloggers and even citizens are trying to minimize waste and reuse their clothing in as many ways as possible, in order to do their bit for the planet. A fashion blogger has recently gone the extra mile to make her clothing as environment-friendly as possible. The girl created a dress made with recycled packaging from the popular fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Take a look:

    The pictures were posted on Twitter by user @NokuzothaNtuli, where they have received 12.5 likes and thousands of comments. "Decided to make this dress for KFC from recycled KFC packages to show how much of KFC super fans we are," she wrote in her tweet. In the pictures, we could see her posing with a frilly dress and a bucket of KFC food. A closer look revealed that the pleats of her dress were made with recycled packaging from KFC, with the iconic Colonel Sanders logo featuring prominently.

    Twitter users showered praise on the girl for the incredible dress designed using recycled KFC packaging. KFC South Africa also responded to her post, appreciating her effort. Take a look:


  • New Berry Bottle Meets Market Requirements

    Berry M&H has responded to growing demand for a larger size Boston Round bottle with the introduction of a one litre version for its popular PET Forest range.


    A 32-head multihead weigher from Ishida Europe is providing fast and accurate weighing of mixed bags of quality chocolates for Chocolates Valor, one of Spain’s leading chocolatiers.

    The Ishida CCW-RV-232B has the ability to handle two, three or four products simultaneously for discharge into the same bag, giving Chocolates Valor the flexibility to respond to changing customer orders. During the peak four months in the run up to Christmas the machine is operating 24 hours a day, handling 1.6 tons of product every hour.

  • New Circular Range from Berry Supports Personal Care Customers' Sustainability Goals

    Berry Global is introducing its next generation of innovation with a range of packaging and product solutions, the Berry Global B Circular Range, that leverages the company’s engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design for circularity to reduce products’ impact on the environment, focused on helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

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