• Silphie-packaging from OutNature at Lidl and Kaufland


    Through a development partnership with OutNature, STI Group`s in-house materials lab has been exploring the technical properties of silphie material since late 2020. Pioneering tests have examined every facet of its production performance, from printability and varnishability to laminating and die-cutting. Silphie material has proven itself and can now be used in cardboard or corrugated board format for making packaging and displays.

    Silphie material is already suitable for direct food contact, while further research into coatings could enhance its barrier properties against water and fats.

    STI Group’s strategic approach is centred on sustainable innovation. The company’s Circular Innovation philosophy embraces the testing of renewable new materials such as silphie paper. The company is breaking completely new ground with its customers to bring greater sustainability to the packaging and POS sectors.

    Both Lidl and Kaufland are now phasing in the innovative solution for fruits and vegetables – starting with cress.

  • Wow Skin Science introduces Vitamin C face wash with paper packaging


    Personal care brand Wow Skin Science has launched a Vitamin C face wash in its first-ever paper tube packaging. It is a first of its kind initiative in India through which the brand aims at reducing the use of plastic at source.

    This initiative, titled #EkChotiSiShuruwaat, falls under the umbrella of #WowGreenHands, through which Wow Skin Science takes a step towards adopting a sustainable approach for responsible packaging. Through this, it aims to pave the way for a greener future and a plastic-positive society by creating lesser carbon footprints.

    The paper that is being used in the packaging is Forest Stewardship Council-certified. It has a high burst strength and low Cobb value, which translate to being strong and stable even in humid conditions. With 45 per cent reduced plastic usage at source, this is Wow Skin Science’s small beginning for a greener tomorrow.

    To capture the essence of caring for mother nature, reaffirming sustainability and conscious business practices, Wow Skin Science has come up with a brand film that proclaims, “Chhoti si shuruwaat bade kaam kar jaati hai. Ek chhote se idea se, hum kal ko behtar bana sakte hain. Yeh hai hamari chhoti si shuruwaat.”

  • Life cycle assessment of Mondi’s paper for pallet wrapping shows lower climate impact

    • Mondi commissioned an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing its Advantage StretchWrap paper to conventional plastic stretch film
    • The ISO-based approach shows that the new paper pallet packaging performs better in several environmental impact categories including climate change, with 62% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when compared to virgin plastic stretch film
    • Mondi sees LCAs as a useful tool to analyse advantages of different material solutions and guide decision-making

    Mondi, global leader in packaging and paper, commissioned a life cycl

  • FlatMap® wins Swiss Packaging Award 2021: the brand-new, resource-saving packaging system for sliced products with optimal shelf life and attractive looks

    Combining an eye-catching presentation with less use of plastics: FlatMap®, the latest packaging solution for sliced products, has recently won the prestigious Swiss Packaging Award 2021 within the category “Convenience”. In terms of quality and innovation, the Swiss food industry is one of the world’s most demanding markets, making this achievement even more significant!


    The ALPLA Group, a global packaging solutions manufacturer and recycling specialist headquartered in Hard, Austria, announced that it has selected the Kansas City region for its new 23,000-square-metre manufacturing plant.


    In its new manufacturing plant in Kansas City, ALPLA will produce injection-moulded products such as closures.

    In a facility located at the Blue River Commerce Center in Kansas City, Missouri, the regional organisation ALPLA Inc. will create 75 jobs while continuing to invest in the city over the next several years.

  • Mitsubishi HiTec Paper increases prices for the entire range of specialty papers

    Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is forced to increase prices by up to 14% for deliveries from January 1, 2022 for the entire range of specialty papers (thermoscript, jetscript, giroform, supercote, barricote). The price increases are inevitable due to the inexorable rise in costs for energy, chemicals and logistics. Customers are contacted directly by the Mitsubishi sales team.

  • Corrugated and paper packaging industry came together after a gap of two years at IndiaCorr Expo & India Folding Carton

    After a gap of almost two years owing to the pandemic, the corrugated and paper packaging industry finally came face-to-face at IndiaCorr Expo and India Folding Carton, India’s only focused show on corrugated packaging & folding carton industry.

  • Les Crudettes salads stay fresh in Mondi’s recyclable functional barrier paper

    Mondi’s new paper packaging for French Group LSDH’s Les Crudettes salads can be recycled in France
    This is the first commercial food product that uses Mondi’s functional barrier paper 95/5 to replace plastic bags
    The new sustainable packaging saves 137 tonnes of plastic per year, the equivalent weight of one blue whale

  • WWP Beauty Launches Sustainable, Refillable Stock Packaging Collection

    New “Refill Revolution” collection of refillable packaging solutions offers greater sustainable impact and a circular design system.

  • We're all about viable solutions for the future

    In the "Circular Competence" interview series, the VDMA Printing and Paper Technology Association asks its member companies about their plans, solutions and challenges on the road to the circular economy. What can the industry do to minimise the environmental footprint of packaging and other printed products?

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