• Mondi scores a hat trick at Austrian Green Packaging Star Awards

    Mondi, global leader in packaging and paper, has won three awards for sustainable packaging at the Austrian Green Packaging Star Awards.

    The annual Green Packaging Star Awards recognise environmentally-friendly packaging and recycling solutions, as well as packaging-related improvements in operational processes in production, logistics, and distribution. The award is presented by Kompack magazine and the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology.

    The judges of these awards recognised the high standard of the following three Mondi products:

  • PACT Awarded US Patent for Thermo Shield™ Fire Suppressant Shipping Wrap


    100% recyclable wrap solution exceeds SAE G27 lithium battery packaging performance standards

  • 7 Reasons to Use Soap Boxes with Window


    What is the best way to let customers see the actual product before the purchase? Gone are the days when you can rely on fully transparent plastic boxes to showcase your product. Firstly, it is not a reliable option. Moreover, it is a serious threat to the environment, even if you use biodegradable material, the production process can leave several carbon footprints. So what is another way to win customer's trust and convince them to prefer your products over the competition? The answer is custom boxes with windows. Give your customers a sneak peek of the inside and turn their boring shopping experience into exceptional with die-cut window packaging.

    Importance Of Soap Boxes with Window for Your Brand

    In the saturated soap market, there are fewer opportunities available to leave a killer impression on the customers. When presented on the shelves, all the products look almost the same. The only thing which makes the points of difference is the packaging solution. To stand out in the crowd, Custom Soap Boxes with windows are an ideal choice for the brands. The window packaging comes in many sizes and shapes with a custom design. You can choose your options depending on what suits your brand and the product. From the material choice to the window shape, you can customize everything about it.

    Customers Want to Know What Is Inside

    Custom boxes with windows give a clear glimpse of the inside content. It is an ideal solution for your soap product because it invites customers to look and interact with the product. Customers mostly choose the products which they can see before the purchase. They are ready to switch the brand if they are not getting the desired transparency. Adding a little clarity can fuel sales and improve your business growth.  By adding a customized window, you can make the product part of the design and enhance the customer experience with it.

    Offers Versatile Design Options

    Upon visiting the stores, you must have seen the shelves bombarded with thousands of products. If you go to the soap aisle, all the soaps will look the same. It is nearly impossible to differentiate one brand's product from the other, but custom window packaging can make your product stand out. From the cardboard boxes with windows to the double window container, there are several versatile options available to meet your needs. You can have clear packaging in the desired shape and size, and it is easy to customize it with different patterns and designs to increase the visual appeal.

    Boxes for Bath Bombs

    Affordable Window Boxes for Bath Bombs

    One of the biggest benefits of using window Boxes for Bath Bombs is affordability. All brands look for a packaging solution that not only offers beauty but is also easy on the pockets. Cardboard and corrugated are the perfect choices when you have a low budget. They may be low in price but higher in quality. Moreover, if you want a fully recyclable solution at your affordability, Kraft hanger boxes and brown boxes with windows are ideal options. Adding a window patching means eliminating the need for printing and customization. A transparent solution doesn't need many details to draw attention.

    A Secure and Durable Choice

    Many brands have the misconception that custom boxes with soap are not a durable and secure choice for the delicate product. But as we have said, it is only a misconception. You only have to make high-quality choices to make your packaging as secure as needed. Use the right patch film to protect the inside content from heat, moisture, and dust. A low-quality film can break or get scratched easily. Another thing that you need to consider is to opt for the right window size. Opt for medium and smaller size cut-outs because large windows are more prone to damage.

    Gives Your Product a Professional and Modern Look

    The world is moving fast forward towards modernism. Customers want things that are not functional but also meet today’s standards. Keep every changing trend in mind while designing soap packaging. A modern yet professional look can make customers choose your product without any second thought. So incorporate windows to your boxes in different die-cut shapes for a modern look. Not only the shape, but you can customize the box according to your requirements. When other brands are competing with high-end solutions, allow your customers to view the product without opening the box.

    It Drives Sales and Brings Repeat Business

    The ultimate goal of every brand is to draw customers and boosts sales, but it is not a cup of team. A high-quality product is not enough to influence purchase decisions. When it comes to driving sales, product and packaging go side by side. When you invest in one thing, you have to invest in another as well. Customized window packaging is the right tool to drive sales. When you will be successful in winning the customer's trust, it will not be hard to make them come back for repeat business.

    Retail Display Boxes

    Retail Display Boxes with Window Entice Customers

    In retail stores, it is becoming hard to capture attention due to high competition. Products presented in the high-quality display boxes have higher chances to get sold as compared to the ones showcased on the shelves. So invest in the right solution and start using boxes with windows to capture the attention instantly. It will help to maximize the display and sales in the retails environment. When it comes to customization and personalization, not many styles can meet the standards of the retail industry.

    There is nothing better than giving your customers a glimpse of the inside content by using Retail Display Boxes with windows. You can choose from a variety of options available for your soap packaging. It all depends on your creativity and how you want to showcase your product to attract maximum attention. Don't miss your chance to provide your customers with the ultimate shopping and unboxing experience.

  • Covid-19 impact: Increased use of plastic in takeaway & snacks packaging


    According to data by the National Restaurant Association of India, both social distancing and food safety concerns have heavily impacted food businesses leading to more than 40% closures in the past fiscal.

    Covid-19 has brought noticeable changes in the consumption pattern as well. For instance, instead of visiting a restaurant or a food court, people are more comfortable ordering a takeaway or food delivery service, citing health and hygiene reasons.

    Hence, to stay in business, restaurants and snack outlets are meeting consumer demands by investing in food delivery. They are either collaborating with third-party food delivery service providers or initiating their very own service, getting the food to one’s doorstep.

    Along with food delivery, businesses are enhancing their packaging practices to ensure food safety and hygiene, shifting mostly to disposable packaging. But are these new changes in alignment with eco-friendly practices? That’s where the concern lies.

    Increase in use of plastic for food packaging
    There is no denying that the food packaging industry has experienced exceptional growth throughout 2020, and trends continue in 2021. All the leading packaging manufacturers reported up to a 70% jump in the productions of packaging materials.

    While that translates well for the food and packaging industry, it has raised new concerns regarding environmental degradation. Why? It is because most of the packaging materials used are single-use plastic, which is adding to the non-biodegradable waste especially in the urban areas.

    Why are businesses using plastic and not a greener alternative?
    Disposable plastic containers and food packaging are cheaper, easily available, leak-proof and help the food vendor or restaurant abide by the hygiene regulations. Since plastic containers give the impression of sealed and safe food, it fits the consumer satisfaction as well. Nevertheless, it has dealt a severe blow to the government’s efforts to curb the use of plastics.

    Is there a way out of this new plastic packaging crisis?
    Let’s face it; Covid-19 is here to stay. Even with vaccination, businesses and consumers would have to abide by the safety protocols to prevent transmission of the virus. So, restaurants and eateries will have to intensify their delivery efforts in the coming days, as physical outlets are yet to open up with full occupancy for the consumers. Businesses need to rethink the use of plastic for packaging and opt for a greener alternative with minimal environmental impact.

    Here are a few options to try:
    Recycled or Agro Based paper is the cheapest alternative to plastic packaging. One can use quality paper packaging for snacks and food items (leak-proof consistency).
    Kraft paper is a viable alternative to plastic since it is both oil and waterproof. It addresses your leaking issues.
    Another option here is using quality containers to deliver the food. The customer would receive the food and return the container for reuse. It would curb the use of disposable food containers.
    What food businesses and restaurants can do is collaborate with paper packaging manufacturers to come up with, economic and eco-friendly solutions to the plastic packaging problem.
    Mitigating the initial impact of the pandemic followed by the gradual shift to new business practices has been tough on business across all sectors. The transition commenced in haste to extenuate the immediate crisis. Now, as we ease into new-normal, it’s time to correct the errors committed and innovate sustainable practices towards a safer future.  

  • silver plastics connects its machines with new IIoT solution

    Silver plastics, one of the leading German manufacturers of plastic packaging in the food industry, is now deploying a new solution to connect its machines. The connectivity solution is designed to improve the visibility and use of production data.

  • Securikett launches paper-based security seal


    By using similar materials for product packaging, the recycling process is simplified. If packaging and closing labels are made out of the same material, the quality of the recycled raw material, and efficiency of the recycling process, is significantly enhanced. Paper packaging that is closed with paper-based security seals can be better integrated into the recycling process than paper packaging with plastic labels.

    In all industries, green innovations have been continuously coming onto the market in recent years. When it comes to packaging including security closing mechanisms, there was one final hurdle to clear.

    "By using the latest paper-based security seals and tapes, industries can not only package their products in a more tamper-proof way, but also make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoid plastic," says Werner Horn, the CEO of Securikett, an Austria-based security labeling specialist committed to producing high performance products in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

    Securikett specializes in digital and physical security systems for a broad spectrum of product sectors, is attracting attention with its invention of the new paper security seal, the company says. "Our VOID labels turn all types of packaging into safes," says Horn. "We are pleased that we can now offer this special paper-based VOID technology solution. Paper is one of the most renewable raw materials and recycling of paper is well established. Pulp fibers can be recycled up to eight times."

    The security closure seals are characterized by the fact that an irreversible effect remains on the packaging when it is peeled off. Opening and tampering of the packaging is thus immediately and clearly obvious. The company produces these new paper VOID seals in various designs, sizes and colors.

  • The Prestige-Pak acquisition expands our capabilities in packaging for snack foods, confectionary, and baked goods.


    With this latest acquisition, C-P Flexibles expands its multi-plant manufacturing base to provide rapid response and best-in-class printing quality. Prestige-Pak is a second generation, family-owned converter with a 53 year history of success. The company brings diverse capabilities including ten-color flexographic printing, laminating, custom slitting and a variety of prepress services. Prestige-Pak’s long standing customer relationships were built on innovation, quality, and trust and provide a strong foundation for growth.

    “Prestige-Pak is an excellent addition to the C-P family,” said Mike Hoffman, CEO of C-P. “We are excited to add Prestige-Pak’s state of the art, spotless facility to our portfolio and benefit from their focus on rapid response and problem-solving capabilities. Together with Prestige-Pak, we are expanding our ability to support our customers with their supply chain needs. C-P continues to invest and grow rapidly to address ever-changing market demands.”

    Vince Kuber, President of Prestige-Pak, Inc., said, “We are excited to join C-P and see our two companies as highly complementary. The new, larger organization will provide our customers with a broader portfolio of products and access to C-P’s sustainable technologies.”

    According to First Atlantic Capital Managing Director, Emilio Pedroni, “We are committed to supporting the growth efforts of C-P. This acquisition further allows us to expand our footprint in North America and continue our strategy to build a leading flexible packaging company with a laser focus on innovation and customer service”.

    “The Prestige-Pak acquisition will add to our already extensive footprint in the flexible packaging industry“, stated Roberto Buaron, Chairman of First Atlantic Capital. “Our C-P leadership team will help accelerate Prestige-Pak’s proven track record of developing products to better serve customer needs while providing enhanced capabilities.”


    Leading technology retailer launches first-ever nationwide polystyrene store take back initiative following successful trial
    Dixons Carphone is the largest retail recycler of e-waste and a major recycler of polystyrene in the UK
    Company’s intention is to make 100% of its own label packaging reusable or recyclable by 2023
    Published inaugural Product Packaging Guidance to share best practice on the reduction of plastic packaging across the industry

    Industry first customer EPS recycling scheme

  • DS Smith and DOM-TITAN to reduce 1.7 tons of plastics from packaging each year


    DOM-TITAN is the leading Slovenian company in the field of mechanical security protection of doors and locks for furniture. They were looking for a suitable partner for the development of ecological packaging. The idea of ​​replacing styrofoam material was born on the initiative of Tomaž Kališnik, an employee of DOM-TITAN in the development and technology department. For implementation, they turned to the sustainable packaging strategists of DS Smith.

    Based on the conceptual design of DOM-TITAN d.d. (author of the design Igor Plevel), and the experience of packaging strategists, we defined the key starting points of the new solution through a PackRight workshop.

    Challenges of styrofoam packaging filler replacement

    The main requirements from the client for the development of new ecological packaging were:

    • Packaging that is sustainable and raise brand awareness
    • Supply chain optimization.
    • Aesthetic aspect - the impression of consumers when they open the packaging.
    • Easy packing.
    • Improve the protection that the fillings offer to the product.
    • Adaptability of the fillings to different dimensions of locks.

    DS Smith designers incorporated the Principles of Circular Design into the solution design process and followed the PackRight methodology of new product development.

    “We always keep in mind the principles of circular packaging. The packaging is designed according to the respective phases of the product supply chain. In the process of development, we tested prototypes of the packaging several times together with the company DOM-TITAN d.d. and through improvements we came to the final solution, which brings many advantages, " adds Alenka Knez, head of DS Smith's PackRight development center in Brestanica.

    • Achieved sustainable goal of DOM-TITAN d.d .: elimination of the use of styrofoam in the packing process.
      The new solution solves the problem of disposable styrofoam, which often ends up in landfills instead of recycling. They removed 1.7 tons of styrofoam per year, which has so far been used to pack locks.
    • 100% recyclability of packaging fillings
      They can be easily recycled within the good practice of existing systems. They are made of paper with a certificate of responsible forest use, which contains approx. 80% recycled fibers.
    • Due to more optimal loading of products on the pallet within the supply chain, we reduced the carbon footprint by 20%.
    • Fast filler assembly.
    • Contribute to the productivity of the production of locks, despite the fact that the inserts are now manually assembled
    • Complete protection of heavier products. Due to the weight of the locks (approx. 4 kg), the construction of the fillings are very efficient. They ensure the products’ protection to damage.
    • Use of fillings for several different products and lower packaging cost.

    Interest in circular packaging is growing

    Many companies are actively reducing their impact on the environment, looking for and developing circular packaging for their products.  “Companies are looking for packaging that is circular, that is easily recycled or reused and has zero impact on the environment. We are already talking about packaging with a zero carbon footprint, "comments Jožica Hojnik, Sales Director at DS Smith Slovenia. 

    Igor Plevel, author of the design of the styrofoam replacement project for the company DOM-TITAN d.d. on the selection of a partner for the development of organic packaging states: “Very few packaging companies have such a good development department that could compete with DS Smith’s PackRight Center. We have chosen DS Smith as a partner in the project of circular packaging fillings, as they have been supplying us with quality materials for decades, they choose the right type of material for a specific product and are always ready to participate in creating and developing new packaging solutions”.

     "At DS Smith we have just put together a strong sustainable development strategy where we focus on five key sustainability goals. Within three years, we will only produce recyclable or reusable packaging and by 2030 we will ensure that all is recycled or reused. At the same time, we want to accelerate the circular economy, replace environmentally hazardous plastic packaging and continue with projects that reduce our customers' CO₂ emissions, ”adds Jožica Hojnik.


  • Adhesives and Peel Technology: Crash Course Part 1

    Adhesives are widely used in the packaging industry for various purposes; for forming, sealing and labeling boxes, bags, and other types of containers. However, not all adhesives are the same in their qualities. Based on application, some are stronger, some are more permanent, and some stick quicker than others.

    To understand how these features can be varied and controlled, let’s go over the 3 forces that are considered while designing a pressure-sensitive adhesive:

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