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Award winning package with patented closure closure- Libman freedom: Hardwood floor cleaner

As part of an initiative to add floor cleaning products to its line of mops and brooms, The Libman Company, home of America’s favorite mop, was looking to introduce a concentrated floor cleaner for use with its FREEDOM Spray Mop. The product needed to be dispensed in 1 oz portions and poured into a bottle attached to the mop for dilution with water.

The goals were to design a package that could:

• Easily and accurately measure each 1 oz dose

• Transfer each dose to the broom bottle without spillage

• Avoid the use of loss-prone removable dosing caps

• Maintain the Libman brand identity

Libman worked with Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven and Berlin Global Packaging divisions to achieve these goals. The team designed and delivered a custom dosing device that would fit on a bottle with a standard neck finish. Unlike other dosing systems that require a custom preform and fitment insertion, this solution is totally flexible.

Studio One Eleven continued its creative push by designing a 16 oz, PET custom oval bottle, which helped ensure a powerful shelf impression.

Finally, by carefully managing the development and production process, the design allowed for best usage of internal and external production resources, resulting in a custom solution that was cost-effective. The Libman Company was very pleased with the design and development of the package since it helped get their new chemical line into major retailers.

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Adam B
Senior Director, Global Supply Chain
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Berlin Packaging