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Cadbury replaces logo with Thank You on limited edition Dairy Milk bars

This is the first time since the chocolate bar was launched in India over 70 years ago that Cadbury has changed its logo Mondelez India has committed part proceeds from Thank You bar sale towards health insurance policies of daily wagers
Mondelez India will launch limited edition of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars by replacing the brand logo with 'Thank You' to highlight the country's spirit and generosity amid the covid-19 crisis. This is the first time since the chocolate bar hit the shelves in India over 70 years ago that Cadbury Dairy Milk has changed its logo. These bespoke chocolate bars aim to express gratitude across the country to everyone who has been tirelessly and generously working during this unprecedented time. Mondelez India said it has committed part-proceeds from limited-edition ‘Thank You’ bar sale towards health insurance policies of daily wage earners, via a partnership with Nirmana, a non-government organisation that works with the unorganised sector. Anil Viswanathan, director – marketing (chocolates), Mondelez India said, “Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand, believes that if there’s one thing that can shine a beam of light, in tough times like these, it is generosity. As India’s most trusted brand, we understand the special role Cadbury Dairy Milk plays in the lives of our consumers. We felt a sense of duty as we created a pack innovation that represents the nation’s sentiment. The current unprecedented situation has made us all realise the value of the ones that run our cities, societies and lives. This launch serves as a small tribute for their enormous efforts and only begins to express our collective thanks to these unsung heroes." To celebrate the linguistic diversity across India, the Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Thank You’ bars will be launched in eight different languages - English, Hindi/Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The ‘Thank You’ bar will be priced at ₹40 for 50 grams and will be available as a choice alongside other Cadbury Dairy Milk price points across all retail channels. Logos are sacrosanct for brands but now these are increasingly becoming tools to promote social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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