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Baralan Launches Minerva Jar 50 Amber

Provides enhanced protection that significantly diminishes the adverse effects of UV Rays.

Baralan, an expert in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced the Minerva Jar 50 Amber, an expansion of its Minerva line. Characterized by its amber color, the new jar with 50ml capacity was developed for skincare products, but also can be adapted for makeup items.
The amber color enables the glass to filter UV rays, avoiding light absorption. Ideal for light-sensitive products, the amber jar provides enhanced protection that diminishes the possibility of discoloration, shelf life reduction or other adverse effects of UV Rays. Combining formulation protection with a refined, elegant look, the Minerva Jar 50 Amber is compatible with a variety of caps in different colors, expanding Baralan’s extensive portfolio.

“The Minerva Jar 50 Amber exemplifies our ability to combine primary packaging production innovation with sleek, stylish aesthetics,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, global R&D manager at Baralan. “This portfolio expansion combines form and function, providing a compelling look with the ability to safeguard sensitive products against potentially damaging ultraviolet rays. The result is attractive protection packaging suitable for a variety of beauty and cosmetics products.”