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Covid-19: Get ready for production!

No one knows exactly when a vaccine against Covid-19 will be brought to market. One thing, however, is certain: now is the right time to get ready for production. Our colleagues in Dresden know this too – and have already developed the ideal solution for the use of their Pharmatec SVP process system for the production of potential Covid-19 vaccines.


The manufacturing process of the vaccine doses depends strongly on the active ingredient. Hence, process equipment for the formulation must offer maximum flexibility to ensure easy adaptation to the customer's manufacturing specifications.

It’s a question of striking the ideal balance between proven standards and flexibility. And this is exactly what we offer our customers. Stephan Hüttner, Head of Engineering Process Systems at Syntegon

The process experts assemble the equipment from their extensive modular construction kits – and deliver it in just six months. "Our many years of experience enable us to develop a suitable solution based on just a few input parameters", says Hüttner. "We combine project management, engineering and manufacturing under one umbrella, offer comprehensive services and test the equipment extensively before delivery. This means that our customers can ramp up their SVP immediately and are optimally equipped."


Whoever needs more than a process system can also rely on Syntegon: everything is available in the portfolio, from the provision of high purity media and cleanroom technology to filling systems with the appropriate interfaces. Another advantage, as Hüttner explains, is: "Customers do not take an investment risk with the SVP. The equipment is of course not only suitable for potential Covid-19 vaccines. Depending on its configuration, it can also be used for other vaccines, insulins, cytostatics, eye drops and much more." The modular approach enables Syntegon's service experts to retrofit existing systems at any time, thus ensuring flexibility for the future.