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Tablebox - Convenient Fast Food Packaging

Pdenmarkbased Startup Tablebox Supplies Solutions For The Fast Food Industry Focussing On Creating Smarter And Userfriendlier Packaging While Enjoying Foodonthego It Is A Combined Box And Lap Tray That Serves As A Container For Transporting Fast Food And Adds Convenience To Enjoy A Meal Without Having A Table Nearbyp

When seated the v-shape fits between the legs and the lid becomes a tray on the lap which ensures a safe eating experience with no stains on clothes and seat.


Ideal for kids by activating them, making eating fun and increasing the likeliness of parents being willing to have kids eating in the car.


Different sizes for different menus and target groups.


Attractive positioning between the legs in a focused eating situation creates ideal advertisement opportunities with unique interaction possibilities such as ”tear of coupons, QR codes and the like


Short assemble times and unflding in 2 seconds. The pack is also stackable. This is a patent pending product by the company.