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Target Commits to Reduce Virgin Plastic In its Brand Packaging by 20% by 2025

Target Corp. committed to reduce annual total virgin plastic in its owned brand packaging by 20% by 2025, following up on a previous agreement to set a plastic elimination goal.

In May, after the filing of a shareholder proposal by As You Sow and Green Century Capital Management, Target agreed to set a virgin plastic elimination goal for its private brand packaging to be announced at a later time.
Conrad MacKerron, senior vice president of As You Sow, said, “We are pleased that the company set a significant goal to reduce plastic by one-fifth. We hope PepsiCo and Walmart will at least match these cuts when they announce the size of their commitments later this year. We would like to see Target build toward absolute cuts in plastic use across all its private brands in the future. Many more companies need to step up and make significant cuts in use of plastic for single-use packaging if we are to make meaningful progress in reducing the flow of plastic wastes into oceans.”