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Benefits Of Using Customised Calico Bags For Your Product Packaging

Perhaps you're reading this because you're looking for new, better, and more eco-friendly product packaging options. If you're eager to stop using plastic, it's time for you to make the big switch. These days, businesses around the world are looking towards more eco-friendly practices; this means using reusable materials. When you think about it, spending money sourcing and printing on plastic packaging, only for it to be thrown away shortly after it’s received, is a waste of time and money.

One of the best reusable alternative options for product packaging are calico bags. These are eco-friendly tote bags made of woven fabric from unbleached cotton fibres. The material is typically half processed, resulting in a very coarse and durable textile.

When it comes to using customized calico bags for your business' product packaging, there are so many reasons to give them a try. This article will present you with four:

1. They Can Be Re-used Anytime, Anywhere

Product packaging comes in all sizes—even when made from calico. Most calico tote bags are rectangular, and range from 30–50cm tall, and 30–40cm high, however sizes can vary depending on your business needs. The obvious advantage of using calico bags for your products is their reusable nature.

For example, your customers can reuse the bags they received from you when they go to school, run errands, go shopping, or do groceries. While out and about, your custom printed calico bags serve as walking advertisements for your business. Anyone your customer encounters will see your logo on the bag, consequently spreading brand awareness long after their initial purchase. Due to the wide reach branded bags have, the cost of printing them is more than justified. They’re so much more effective at marketing your brand than a plastic bag that'll end up in the rubbish.

2. They’re Easy To Customise

A major benefit of using calico bags for product packaging is the fact they’re easy to customise. Calico material is easier to print on than other fabrics, so customisation by well-established suppliers such as will yield high-quality results that don’t tend to smear or fade. Plus, they make your products look more polished and innovative. By choosing a natural and customisable packaging option like calico, you’re able to both personalise the packaging and send a message to customers about your brand.

3. They’re More Affordable Than You’d Think

When you compare the cost of manufacturing a calico bag with that of a plastic bag, the latter is the more affordable option. However, if you look at the bigger picture, calico bags are more budget-friendly in the long term, thanks to their reusable nature, and the brand promotion benefits outlined above. Moreover, when you order your product packaging in bulk, you may be able to enjoy cheaper commercial rates per unit. With all aspects considered, packing with calico bags is a more affordable option than you’d think, and a great packaging alternative that doesn't have to break the budget.

4. They’re An Eco-Friendly Choice

Nowadays, many shoppers are embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle—this goes for online orders, too. Some will even avoid businesses that are known for their excessive use of plastic or environmentally harmful manufacturing processes. In their day-to-day lives, they’ll bring tote bags with them rather than collecting a paper or plastic bag for each of their purchases. Rather than your customers carrying around a bag bearing the logo of another brand, capitalise on this change and have them promote yours instead. 

For instance, if you're a brand selling organic beauty products, wouldn't it be very contradictory to package these organic and natural beauty products in plastic bags? Calico packaging would be a smarter choice, both from an environmental perspective, and from a company reputation standpoint. Not only will your customers appreciate the eco-conscious move, but you’ll be seen as a more attractive business for them to patronise, simply because you're implementing environmentally friendly practices. 

Further, when calico bags eventually reach their usage limit, they're also biodegradable. This makes them a positive packaging choice for the environment.


When many other businesses are avoiding plastic and moving towards calico bags for their product packaging, there's no reason not to follow suit. It's not about copying a trend, but rather, it's about switching to an eco-friendly business approach. Branded calico bags are a great alternative to plastic, as they're more durable and reusable. The benefits enumerated above should be more than sufficient to convince you to switch to calico bags and ditch the plastic once and for all.


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