• Incredible! Girl Makes Dress With Recycled KFC Packaging, Fast Food Giant Reacts


    The one thing that you will find in abundance on the internet is creativity. From interesting ideas to unique fusion dishes, there's something new to be learned or be inspired from at every scroll on your social media feed. The concept of sustainable fashion is also increasingly gaining momentum these days. Bloggers and even citizens are trying to minimize waste and reuse their clothing in as many ways as possible, in order to do their bit for the planet. A fashion blogger has recently gone the extra mile to make her clothing as environment-friendly as possible. The girl created a dress made with recycled packaging from the popular fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Take a look:

    The pictures were posted on Twitter by user @NokuzothaNtuli, where they have received 12.5 likes and thousands of comments. "Decided to make this dress for KFC from recycled KFC packages to show how much of KFC super fans we are," she wrote in her tweet. In the pictures, we could see her posing with a frilly dress and a bucket of KFC food. A closer look revealed that the pleats of her dress were made with recycled packaging from KFC, with the iconic Colonel Sanders logo featuring prominently.

    Twitter users showered praise on the girl for the incredible dress designed using recycled KFC packaging. KFC South Africa also responded to her post, appreciating her effort. Take a look:


  • New Berry Bottle Meets Market Requirements

    Berry M&H has responded to growing demand for a larger size Boston Round bottle with the introduction of a one litre version for its popular PET Forest range.


    A 32-head multihead weigher from Ishida Europe is providing fast and accurate weighing of mixed bags of quality chocolates for Chocolates Valor, one of Spain’s leading chocolatiers.

    The Ishida CCW-RV-232B has the ability to handle two, three or four products simultaneously for discharge into the same bag, giving Chocolates Valor the flexibility to respond to changing customer orders. During the peak four months in the run up to Christmas the machine is operating 24 hours a day, handling 1.6 tons of product every hour.

  • New Circular Range from Berry Supports Personal Care Customers' Sustainability Goals

    Berry Global is introducing its next generation of innovation with a range of packaging and product solutions, the Berry Global B Circular Range, that leverages the company’s engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design for circularity to reduce products’ impact on the environment, focused on helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

  • Amazon’s new packaging for cold and frozen food is made from layers of recyclable paper


    Amazon is taking plastic liners, bubble bags, and some of the consumer guilt out of grocery deliveries.

    The company says it has created new packaging for cold and frozen foods that is made from recycled paper, and can be recycled in curbside bins. It rolls out starting this month for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods grocery deliveries.

    The packaging is also produced in different regions of the United States, closer to the locations that will use it, further reducing the environmental impact, says Stephenie Landry, vice president of Amazon’s grocery business, in a post announcing the new packaging.

    It’s part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. It’s also part of a larger effort by the company to shift to recyclable packaging.

    The packaging’s ability to keep food cold and frozen was tested in internal and external labs, and in consumer pilots in multiple cities, according to an online Q&A published by the company with Joe Rake, a senior program manager for Amazon’s consumer packaging experience.

    “After a lot of rigorous testing and customer feedback, we landed on a version of recycled paper tissue layering that’s relatively common in the moving and packing industry but that we reinvented for our grocery delivery customers,” Rake says.

  • New Radnor Hills flavours extend matte can family


    In fact, the Wales-based company uses AMP’s sophisticated matte finish for every can across its entire product line, from its sparkling and still Radnor Hills brand flagbearers to its infused waters and its Heartsease Farm-branded mixers. Their pure still and sparkling spring waters are packaged respectively in stunning contemporary matte navy-blue and matte silver 33cl cans and earned a shortlisting for ‘Best in Can’ at the 2020 Global Water Drinks Awards.

    The matte finish not only brings a unique appeal visually, it also offers haptic enhancement through the special hint of texture that matte provides. The two new Infusions flavours, the latest to the family of matte cans, reinforce Radnor’s commitment to this unique aesthetic.

    We asked Radnor why they’re so happy with matte. "It simply looks and feels fantastic," said Camilla Cadwallader, Product & Innovation Account Manager at Radnor Hills. "Our spring water products are outstanding, so they deserve to stand out, and we pay a lot of attention to the pack design. The matte finish is that final detail that makes our cans look extra attractive on the shelf and then feel great in the hand."

    Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Metal Packaging - Europe, said, "Our matte finish is really special – we’re delighted that Radnor has picked it again for its new Infusions, and is actually making it a character note across its brands."

    The matte finish is available for aluminium and steel cans in all sizes, with Ardagh’s local CTS teams available to support filling line trials.


    Leading glass packaging company, Croxsons, has made changes to its leadership structure as part of their succession plans. Tim Croxson, currently the company’s COO, has taken up the position of CEO with immediate effect, in place of his father, James Croxson, who steps aside to concentrate more on developing Croxsons’ international concerns. The change of ownership, due to be formalized later in the year, comes after a period of extraordinary growth for the family firm, who celebrate their remarkable 150th anniversary next year.


    Barrie House Coffee Roasters launched an exciting new product line and rebrand of their logo and packaging. The new rebrand reflects Barrie House’s long legacy as a family-owned, third-generation, New York based coffee roaster that supports coffee farmers while paying tribute to the coffee cherry with its burgundy brand color. Barrie House constantly strives to inspire a great coffee-drinking experience and their delicious new product line does just that.

  • Netherlands to reduce single-use plastics in the workplace


    Starting on 1 January 2023, coffee cups in the office must be washable, or at least 75 percent of the disposable ones must be collected for recycling. Like with plates and cups in the catering industry, coffee cups in the office can be washed and reused or replaced with reusable alternatives, the State Secretary said to parliament.

    And from 2024, disposable packaging on ready-to-eat meals will come with an extra charge. This additional charge is unnecessary if the packaging is reusable or the meal is packed into a container the customer brought along. The exact amount of the extra charge is still to be determined.

    Van Weyenberg expects that these measures will reduce single-use plastics by 40 percent.

    The State Secretary distinguishes between packaging for consumption on-site, such as coffee cups for the vending machine at the office, and packaging for takeaways and delivery meals or coffee on the go. Single-use items are banned in the case of on-the-spot consumption unless the office, snack bar, or shop provides a separate collection for high-quality recycling. A minimum of 75 percent must be collected for recycling, and that will increase by 5 percent per year to 90 percent in 2026. For on-the-go consumption, the seller must offer a reusable alternative – either cups and storage boxes that the buyer brings or a return system for recycling. Here 75 percent must be collected in 2024, rising to 90 percent in 2027.

    These measures form part of the Netherlands’ implementation of the European Directive on single-use plastics. Other measures that are part of this directive include a ban on plastic cutlery, plates, and stirrers implemented in July, a deposit on small plastic bottles, and a deposit on cans that will take effect on the last day of 2022.



    Offset plus digital, providing hitherto unthinkable decoration and personalization opportunities. A proposal that combines the unrivalled experience and know-how of partners MOSS and SACMI, multiplying economies and opportunities for customers

    In the rigid packaging technologies field, the need for caps that can perform as identity messengers and brand enhancers continues to grow. Responding to that need in unprecedented ways is the Hybrid Decoration Machine, a revolutionary solution that combines the advantages of the main cap decoration techniques (offset and digital) to produce previously unthinkable results and opportunities.

    The Hybrid Decoration Machine stems from MOSS’ experience in offset decoration and SACMI’s digital decoration know-how. The result? The ability to combine the advantages of both solutions and boost the ‘uniqueness’ of the produced cap, at a competitive cost, whether in small batches or large volumes.

    More specifically, in its hybrid configuration this solution allows simultaneous decoration – in offset and digital – within the same production batch. Against a same offset-produced ‘background’ or decoration, manufacturers can create, in parallel, vastly different digital decorations, dramatically expanding opportunities (and savings) for customers.

    “This solution completes our range of rigid packaging decoration systems”, explains Andrea Fantozzi, CEO of MOSS. “Close collaboration with SACMI completes our decades of experience in the construction of offset and screen printing machines by adding digital skills. With this solution, the goal is to be the leading technological innovators in packaging decoration, a field in which we play a key role in the beverage, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors in over 100 countries”.

    The Hybrid Decoration Machine is also designed to allow 4-color CMYK applications. Within each single batch being processed, the operator can load the system with multiple decorations, all with a simple ‘click’.

    What’s more, combining the two technologies makes 4-color printing far more economical; firstly, this stems from the ability to use offset for the background and digital for the details and, secondly, from the infinite color combinations that can be created for every single decorated cap (by using, in the hybrid set-up, 4 colors plus a white base in offset and 4+2 colors in digital).

    To complete the system, guided size changeover ensures faster format changes and greatly simplifies the worker’s tasks. In the hybrid configuration, productivity ranges from 500 to 1200 decorated caps per minute, while the ‘offset only’ configuration can reach speeds of 2,500-5,000.

    “We began with the needs of our customers”, explains Vezio Bernardi, General Manager of the SACMI Rigid Packaging Technologies BU, “especially their need for a fairly versatile, economical solution that can provide the outstanding cap customization that lies at the core of our business. Hence the forward-thinking partnership with MOSS, a pioneer in the industry. We’ve now combined our skillsets to offer customers the best, most comprehensive solution possible so they can meet all their communication and brand enhancement needs”.

    The SACMI-MOSS Hybrid Decoration Machine is available for caps up to 38 mm in diameter. Further advantages include limited energy and compressed air consumption, and compactness; note also that this solution is easy to install on existing lines.

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