• Evonik boosts its radiation curing silicones portfolio with the launch of TEGO® RC 1442 release coating

    • New globally available cationic UV curing release system offers excellent coating performance
    • Latest release coating strengthens Evonik’s position in the global pressure sensitive adhesives market
    • Continued growth in online commerce increases demand for high-performance label and packaging solutions

    TEGO® RC 1442 is based on Evonik’s existing RC 1400 series technology and delivers all the same easy release performance benefits customers are used to. Developed for fast curing pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications, TEGO® RC 1442 provides excellent anchorage to substrates and delivers stable release values over time, even under humid storage conditions.

    “The increasing demand from our PSA market customers for globally available, easy-to-apply and high-performing UV curable products inspires us to continually review our portfolio to ensure that we deliver the solutions our customers need to meet changing market dynamics like the growth in online shopping,” said Stefan Stadtmueller, Global Head of TEGO® RC Silicones at Evonik.

    Ideal for release liners for use in all applications, TEGO® RC silicones can be used for industrial release liners, self-adhesive labels, graphic arts, tapes and hygienic products including, food packaging and food contact applications.

    TEGO® RC 1442 is fully commercialized and globally available.

  • NIT Andhra Pradesh team develops nanoparticles-based food packaging materials


    The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Andhra Pradesh’s researchers have developed nanoparticles-powered food packing materials in partnership with other institutes.

    A group of interdisciplinary researchers including Akriti Tirkey, Mizoram University and Punuri Jayasekhar Babu, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Pachhunga University College, Mizoram University led by Tingirikari Jagan Mohan Rao, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, NIT AP have published an article wherein they “have demonstrated how the concept of nanotechnology can be used to develop food packaging materials that enhance the shelf-life, maintain quality, retain flavor and color of packed food materials.”

    Nanoparticle-based materials offer more benefit over conventional and non-biodegradable packing materials by improving the functional properties of foods such as bio-availability, taste, texture, flavor, and shelf-life. Additionally, nanomaterials can work as sensors to maintain the temperature, and detect pathogens, pesticides, toxins, and other chemicals in packed foods, an official statement from NIT AP explained.

    Explaining the key features of this research, Rao said: “The research emphasizes the role of nanoparticles to provide mechanical stability to packing material and shows how the nano-sensors can be developed to detect pathogens, contamination, pesticides, and allergens and enhances the antimicrobial properties of packing material to prevent food spoilage and contamination.”

    Talking about the effects of Nanoparticles, Babu, said: “It is worthwhile to note that the nanoparticles used for the packing materials may migrate into food when it comes in contact with packaging materials and hence, the impact of inorganic nanoparticles should be studied. Also, nanomaterials especially nano packaging should be only permitted after rigorous testing before applying them to food systems.” CSP Rao, director of NIT Andhra Pradesh has appreciated the work done by the faculty members and the researchers. He also motivated the scholars for such interdisciplinary based collaborative research work for emerging applications, an official statement said.

    If the safety and security issues get addressed, nanotechnology will revolutionize the food processing and packaging industry to a great extent and minimize food wastage, the official statement further said.


    Australia has given the world some industry-leading packaging companies. These companies have been global providers and innovators. Following is a list of some of the companies founded in Australia with an international presence.


  • Lighter Cap from Berry Contributes to a More Circular Pack Solution

    A new closure from Berry Global, specifically created for sauces, demonstrates the company’s circular design capabilities in devising a lightweight and recyclable solution while continuing to deliver consumer convenience benefits.

    Berry has utilised its technical skills to create a closure that is lighter than other versions currently available, offering valuable material savings without compromising its strength and durability to ensure a consistently reliable performance. The closure is manufactured 100% in polypropylene (PP).

  • HexcelPack Introduces 100% Paper-Based, Fully Recyclable Protective Mailer

    A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bubble mailers, company’s Hexcel’ope™ is ideal for the e-commerce market.

    Bristol, CT – HexcelPack, a developer of eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble packaging and other plastic or foam-based materials, has introduced Hexcel’ope™, an innovative, 100% paper-based protective mailer. Developed as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic bubble mailers commonly used throughout the e-commerce supply chain, Hexcel’ope™ is curbside recyclable and fully biodegradable.

  • Cremer Offers Multi-Counter Machine Systems for Food & Beverage Assortment Packs

    Utilizing its HQ Series counting & dispensing machines, Cremer’s fully-customizable systems are suitable for apportioning various wrapped food assortments – such as mixed chocolates, candies and coffee pods.

  • Edrington presents ‘Supplier of the Year’ award to Ardagh Glass Packaging

    The glass packaging supplier wins the coveted award for outstanding quality and service
    Ardagh Glass Packaging has been a major supplier of Edrington’s spirit bottles for over 30 years, producing premium bottles for brands such as The Famous Grouse and Brugal rum.

    In revealing the spirit producer’s overall choice of Supplier of the Year 2020, Edrington commented that they were impressed with Ardagh’s 100% quality record during the year.

    Ardagh Glass Packaging Sales Director UK, Nick Witton, said:

  • Overcoming adversity with Sidel: high-speed PET water line installed for Iraqi National for Food

    Sidel has successfully installed its first high-speed PET packaging line for water in Baghdad as part of the greenfield project of Iraqi National Company for industrial food (Iraqi National for Food). With a speed of 48,000 bottles per hour (bph), the outstanding line efficiency of 96% corresponds closely with the high sustainability standards and right-weighting expertise in packaging design provided by Sidel. The new Dinar bottle produced for Iraqi National for Food comes in three sizes and is manufactured with the lightest preform on the market, based on Sidel’s StarLite™ design.

  • Sidel Super Combi Compact water complete line enhances both performance and sustainability for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE

    Thanks to enhanced performance, Sidel’s Super Combi Compact complete water line opened the door for more business opportunities for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE (Zulal). Running at up to 45,000 bottles per hour (bph), the line not only delivers increased productivity by 280%, but also helps the company save 56% on energy costs, when compared with their existing PET line. In addition, with the new, lighter PET bottle and optimisation of utilities, there has been a considerable reduction in the overall carbon footprint.

  • Major packaging manufacturer AMP to open factory in NI


    AMP, part of the Ardagh Group, says it will represent an investment of about $200m (£149m). It is hoped the new beverage can-making facility will be operational at Global Point in Newtownabbey in 2023. AMP says it will create "full-time jobs for engineers, technicians and other roles" with details on the number of jobs being finalised. The firm says it will start recruitment next year. Ardagh is based In Luxembourg but the company has Irish roots.

    The international packaging group traces its origins back to glass manufacturing in Dublin in the 1930s. It was built by Irish businessman Paul Coulson who is the chairman and largest shareholder. The north Belfast initiative is part of a multi-billion dollars investment by the company, involving the construction of new, recyclable metal packaging capacity in Europe, North America and Brazil. The company says the factory will "service the growing needs of AMP's beverage customers in Ireland, the UK and Europe".

    Oliver Graham from AMP says the investment in Northern Ireland will help the company to "further [reduce] our carbon footprint by locating capacity closer to our end customers".

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