• ProAmpac Acquires El Dorado Packaging


    Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


    El Dorado manufactures customized paper-based packaging and printing solutions for retail and industrial markets. 


    With three plant locations in Arkansas, Minnesota and Nebraska, El Dorado produces paper self-opening sacks, rollstock for consumer packaging and industrial multi-wall bags for food service, seed, animal health and chemical markets. 


    "Together with El Dorado, we will enter new end markets, broaden our product offering and serve an expanding customer base with high-quality, innovative flexible packaging solutions," said Greg Tucker, founder and CEO of ProAmpac.


    Cincinnati-based ProAmpac is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and other co-investors. The addition of El Dorado is ProAmpac’s third acquisition in 2021. 


    ProAmpac has 41 manufacturing sites globally, with more than 5,200 employees supplying more than 5,500 customers in 90 countries. ProAmpac innovates, engineers and manufactures flexible and sustainable packaging and material science solutions for various consumer, healthcare, e-commerce, retail and industrial goods markets. 


    El Dorado will adopt the ProAmpac brand and will maintain operations at its three manufacturing facilities.

  • DS Smith and ERFURT win the Corrugated Board Innovation Award 2021 for making wallpapering easy


    Corrugated board wallpapering box brings real added value.

    Timelessly beautiful and quickly applied to the wall: The wallpapers from ERFURT convince by their high quality and are easy to apply. For the marketing of its innovative wallpaper collections, the Wuppertal family business has come up with something special. A box made of corrugated cardboard replaces the wallpaper table and guarantees even inexperienced laymen an all-round successful wall design. This extraordinary DIY tool was developed and produced together with the display and packaging strategists of DS Smith. The smart wallpapering box is suitable for all ERFURT products that are to be wallpapered using the wall-papering technique. The clever design was worth an award to the jurors of the Corrugated Board Innovation Prize. They awarded the wallpaper box with the second place in the category sales promotion.

    Professional painters and do-it-yourselfers appreciate it equally: The quality wallpapers of the traditional brand ERFURT. It all started with woodchip wallpaper. Today, the family business ERFURT & SOHN KG, managed in the seventh generation, sells a diverse product portfolio all around the world for contemporary wall design in addition to its sales classics: from non-woven, smooth non-woven and embossed paper wallpapers to individually designable digital print wallpapers.

    Modern non-woven woodchip and non-woven wallpapers are very much in vogue, as they enable a particularly convenient and clean method of renovation with the wall-pasting technique. ERFURT & SOHN now offers an extra plus in convenience with the wallpaper box developed by DS Smith. The special highlight: The innovative solution for the professional and do-it-yourselfer saves the wallpaper table. The wallpaper strip can be attached directly from the wallpapering box to the pre-glued wall from the running roll. The integrated wall spacer, the positioning tabs for the ladder and the cut edge marked on the packaging ensure that the strips are always the right length. Waste of wallpaper material can be reduced considerably in this way. At the same time, the wallpaper box protects the wallpaper roll against soiling.

    Thanks to the printed assembly instructions, DS Smith's wallpaper box can be set up in no time at all and can be easily adjusted to the size of the wallpaper roll by means of reduction tabs inside the box. And it is just as easy to use. A video tutorial on YouTube provides a quick introduction to wallpapering with the box. Just scan the QR code printed on the box and you can see on your own smartphone step by step how easy wallpapering can be: no bulky wallpaper table, no sticky strips of wallpaper and a wall picture that is even and homely. Wallpapering is easy with the wallpaper box.



    A lot of designers are coming up with cool packaging designs for various products, but this packaging concept by Nolan Nisbet for the Apple Watch is particularly intriguing! Inspired by the packaging design for the iPod, Nisbet adopted a clear and transparent package for the Apple Watch as well. The transparent packaging comes in two parts, one protects the screen of the watch, whereas the other part forms a protective layer around the strap. But here’s where it becomes interesting, the packaging of the strap has been designed in such a way, that you can slide it on and off! This allows you to try on straps of different styles, letting you mix and match, till you settle on a combination that you like. You can try on the various packaged straps on your hand, so you can see how they would actually look on you! The clear protective layer ensures that no one actually ends up touching the straps, and they are in pristine condition, preventing them from getting dirty or contaminated before they are even sold (especially useful in these COVID-19 times).

    When it comes to the straps, Nisbet has branded them with Nike! He’s presented an innovative idea, wherein Apple and Nike collaborate to create some pretty cool straps for the watch. The different straps come in diverse colors and patterns combined with Nike’s sporty and funky design philosophy. In fact, even the packaging has been integrated with Nike’s branding. The center of the package showcases Apple and Nike’s logos. And, this center portion has a little secret compartment! The user’s manual and the charger have been placed within the compartment. These two essential add ons have been compactly integrated within the packaging of the watch.

    Nisbet’s packaging concept for the Apple Watch is not only innovative and unique but also extremely functional and convenient! He’s taken the buyer’s comfort into consideration as well, creating a packaging design that eases up and supports your buying process. 

  • Pakistan’s leading machinery lubricant maker enters into plastic packaging business


    “We are pleased to announce that the executive management of HTL has decided to enter new business opportunities in the plastic packaging industry by venturing into the production of plastic products for external customers and third parties,” said HTL in a statement.

    The company informed that this business will be pursued through the existing plant site of HTL subsidiary Hi-Tech Blending (Pvt.) Ltd. (HTBL).

    The company said that its subsidiary HTBL has been producing bottles for its own needs since 2016 for both its locally blended and locally filled products. “Having attained substantial experience in extrusion blow molding and injection molding, the company has been exploring the provision of similar plastic packaging to outside customers for some time,” it said.

    HTL said that it has been approached by potential customers to provide various types of plastic bottles and informed that the processes for import and installation of requisite machinery in the extrusion blow molding machine and feeding recycling system section of the plant site of HTBL have been initiated for the production of various quality products for external customers and local third parties.

    The company said it had initiated process of import and installation of 06/04 Head Double Station Machine for bottles of different types/sizes from 50 ml to 1000 ml for Fast Moving Consumer Products (FMCG), import and installation of multi-layer 2 head double station machine for oxygen sensitive products/bottles and import and installation of injection molding machine for caps, buckets and auto parts.

  • Safe and affordable drinking water in a 5 layer extruded bag- Solarsack


    While 2.2 billion people still do not have access to safe drinking water today, Bernhardt and its Denmark-based customer Solarsack have decided to act by using their expertise to offer a solution to a key issue: water safety. By combining our efforts, we have been able to develop an affordable water treatment solution using the sun's rays.

    Two years after winning the PackTheFuture award in the Social Benefits category with our STERI-LIQUID POUCH, Bernhardt is awarded for the second time in a row in the same category for the 500-times reusable pocket produced for SolarSack. The purpose of this contest? Promote the creative and innovative potential of the plastic and flexible packaging sector: latest packaging innovations, new solutions, the latest technologies and trends in the sector... Born in close collaboration with the Danish company Solarsack, this product aims to promote access to drinking water for areas that are deprived of it.

    Very easy to use, the Solarsack must, once filled with 4 liters of water, be exposed to the sun's rays for 4 hours... and that's it! Indeed, the combined action of UV-A, UV-B rays and the rise in temperature allows the destruction of pathogens present in water. Offering a real alternative to methods that consume coal or wood to purify water, the Solarsack is designed to be reusable 500 times, thus avoiding the generation of 600 kg of CO2 and saving 2 trees.

    In addition to innovation from a social and ecological point of view, the Solarsack is also a technical innovation since its asymmetrical structure combines a very strong laminated film and a 5-layer co-extruded film offering excellent transparency to UV rays. The welding and insertion tools have been specially adapted to create a mechanically resistant and durable 4-litre pocket over time.

    In conclusion, solarsack combines expertise in the design, production of film and pocket manufacturing to provide a solution to a major problem that is likely to increase in its final years: lack of access to drinking water.

  • Coveris Targets Growth in BOPP Beverage Labels


    Following significant investment over the last 18 months, Coveris has established a state-of-the-art BOPP label manufacturing facility at its Louth site with a dedicated finishing hall and installation of specialist high-speed slitting equipment. To support growth plans in the beverage market, Coveris has made further investment and upgraded its BOPP label manufacturing capabilities with the installation of the UK’s first fully automated Universal X6 slitter.

    Using the latest technology, the Universal X6 slitter provides high-speed efficiency, accuracy and automation in Coveris’ production of BOPP labels, increasing the site’s capacity to over 3 billion labels per year. With moisture imperious qualities and performance during high speed application, reel-fed BOPP labels are typically used in the PET bottling industry for water, dairy-based and carbonated drinks.

    Already a supplier to world-leading brand owners and bottlers, including Coca-Cola European Partners and Refresco, Coveris targets further growth in the BOPP label sector, complementing its existing beverage packaging footprint in plain and printed collation shrink film, pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) labels, stretch sleeve and shrink sleeve formats.

    “Coveris is uniquely positioned as the leading supplier of plain and printed films to the beverage sector in Europe. Supported by investment in state-of-the-art technology, dedicated BOPP manufacturing capabilities and award-winning print, we are able to provide our customers with leading quality, service and products, while targeting ambitious growth in the BOPP beverage industry”, commented Mark Summers, Coveris Films Sales Director.

    Coveris’ print quality at its Louth site was recognised at the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) this year. Coveris was awarded Gold in the ‘Flexo Print on Film – Reverse Print Narrow’ category for a collation shrink film multipack for French Coca-Cola brand Tropico.

  • More security for hemp products through distribution agreement


    The cannabis and CBD industries are being actively targeted by counterfeiters, who aim to benefit from the industry’s explosive growth. The KushCo proposition will provide companies with enhanced packaging, with the most secure visual authentication technology using 3D photopolymer images, unique serialization, e-verification, label tracking, and data capturing capabilities.

    “It is our responsibility as a leader in the space to build consumer trust in addition to empower governments and brands. Counterfeit products undermine the legitimate cannabis industry by hurting sales, cheating governments out of tax revenue, and eroding consumer confidence while putting their health at risk. KushCo wants to provide the tools for our clients to have greater transparency and accountability,” said Nick Kovacevich, CEO of KushCo.

    Andrew Clint, Managing Director of De La Rue’s Authentication business, said: “As the legalized cannabis industry matures and companies look to protect their consumers, strengthen regulatory compliance and introduce global trace capabilities, we are happy to be partnering with KushCo to enable the provision of product authentication labels and anti-counterfeit services to their customers.”

    De La Rue prints more than 8 billion product authentication labels each year, working across multiple stakeholders. Its services are designed to correctly identify and track legitimate products throughout the supply chain and can be applied to any revenue generating product type, including tobacco, alcohol and legalized cannabis, it says.

  • Carry Handle: An eco-friendly and convenient option for the Retail world

    The use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has devastating consequences. Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic products are produced every year, and a significant portion out of it is used for packaging. These plastics then end up in landfills and the ocean, where it creates numerous environmental problems.

  • Fakuma: The whole world of Plastic Processing Technology

    The whole world of plastics technology!

    More than 1,900 exhibitors present their international range at the world's leading specialist event for industrial plastics processing. The next Fakuma will take place from October 12 to 16, 2021 in the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Center.

    The Fakuma offers a comprehensive overview of all plastics technologies: Whether injection molding - here the Fakuma occupies a leading position worldwide - extrusion technology, thermoforming or 3D printing: At the Fakuma, the user can find out about all processes and technologies relevant to plastics processing and tools to provide targeted information.

  • Full PE Stand-Up Pouches Made With Recycled and Virgin Performance PE Polymers From ExxonMobil Help Customers Create Sustainable Solutions


    BRUSSELS – Stand-up pouches (SUPs) can now be made using recycled material from full polyethylene (PE) laminated SUPs and virgin performance PE polymers thanks to a collaboration between ExxonMobil, Hosokawa Alpine AG, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, and Henkel AG & Co KGaA Company. The new SUP packages combine 30 percent recycled SUP PE with 70 percent virgin ExxonMobil performance PE polymers and are well-suited for non-food applications, such as detergents.

    “Flexible packaging is structurally a highly complex product requiring different material layers to enable it to meet a wide range of property requirements. This complex mix of materials poses the main challenge for recycling flexible packaging today,” says Marcin Lapaj, Global Business Development Manager for Circular Economy at Henkel. “That is why there is a need to go beyond the current functionalities and create a flexible packaging that also has recyclability ‘built in.’ There is a growing demand for packaging that focuses on being recyclable and uses recycled materials. This approach ensures valuable resources are kept in the loop longer and less waste is being generated. Combining efforts along the value chain is helping the industry move one step closer to enabling the desired circularity of flexible packaging for a more sustainable future.”

    “ExxonMobil introduced full PE laminated SUP packaging solutions as a replacement for conventional multi-material structures which can be difficult to recycle. These full PE SUPs can be easily recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist,” said David Hergenrether, ExxonMobil Chemical vice president, polyethylene. “This recycled PE is now being used in combination with our performance PE polymers to manufacture new SUPs, helping customers create sustainable solutions.”

    Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers, and Exact™ plastomer products are ideal for SUP packaging films as they deliver excellent stiffness, toughness, sealing and optical properties. Exceed XP provides outstanding toughness properties like puncture energy and exceptional MD tensile strength for excellent bag-drop performance, which is essential for package integrity. Exact offers low sealing initiation temperatures. Enable delivers similar haze to BOPP/BOPA, balanced stiffness-optical performance and outstanding optical properties at a lower machine direction orientation (MDO) ratio versus high density PE which can allow easy MDO processing for industrial converters. The full PE SUP films based on ExxonMobil polymers deliver comparable performance to multi-polymer structures which contain BOPP, BOPET, or BOPA, making them well-suited for food applications.

    Fabricating these full PE SUP films on Hosokawa Alpine film MDO lines with TRIO technology delivers greater value. High orientation allows the film properties to be optimized to meet specific SUP requirements for optical (gloss and haze) and stiffness properties. These films containing performance PE need to be stretched less than five times, compared to six times when using other leading polymers, which improves the MDO processability.

    “By stretching the films on MDO lines with TRIO technology we can influence the mechanical and optical properties to meet the needs of the application,” said Dr. Holger Niemeier, executive vice president, Hosokawa Alpine.

    Loctite® Liofol solvent-free adhesives from Henkel’s newly introduced RE product range are “designed for recycling”. These adhesives contribute to the success of full PE SUP films by offering a set of features allowing homogenous laminates to be recycled mechanically with excellent results. This is achieved at efficient machine speed with optimal ink compatibility for high-quality printing, high initial tack and room temperature curing.

    Once the SUP has been used, EREMA’s INTAREMA® TVEplus® technology combines filtration, homogenization and degassing in a single, effective working step to deliver recycled PE material with a new level of quality that can be used in new laminated SUP packaging for non-food applications. Exceed XP performance PE allows the properties of the film to be retained when recycled content is added to the formulation.

    For further details please visit the ExxonMobil pavilion (FG10.1) at K2019 or Exxonmobilchemical.com/SUP

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