• Cosmo Films Ltd. launches Enhanced Barrier Metalized BOPP Film

    A metalized bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film for packaging applications

    New Delhi, 23, 2021: Cosmo Films Ltd., a global leader in specialty films for flexible packaging, labeling and lamination applications as well as synthetic paper, has launched Enhanced Barrier Metalized BOPP Film specially designed for packaging applications with very high moisture and good oxygen barrier properties and high metal bond. 

  • Exclusive German Pavilion to bring technologies from top German manufacturers at Techtextil India

    The return of Techtextil India through the new hybrid edition will provide a strong reboot to the industry by facilitating business collaboration, sourcing and learning opportunities in technical textiles.  India’s leading technical textile brands including JB Ecotex, PARK Nonwoven, Loyal Textiles Lenzing, Mehala, Meera Industries, Sicam, Suntech Geotextile and Weavetech amongst many others will showcase their latest products at the hybrid fair along which also has a special showcase of technologies at the German Pavilion. 

  • Essentra Packaging webinar series highlights solutions to regulatory challenges in clinical trials packaging

    Essentra Packaging will host a free series of industry webinars to help packaging professionals find practical and effective solutions to the labelling of clinical trials, against the backdrop of complex regulatory change.

    Titled, ‘The implications on Clinical Trials labelling due to Annex VI changes and patientricity’ the first webinar in the series takes place on 2nd December at 15:00 GMT with interested parties invited to register online for the event.

  • Sidel Super Combi Compact water complete line enhances both performance and sustainability for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE

    Thanks to enhanced performance, Sidel’s Super Combi Compact complete water line opened the door for more business opportunities for Zulal Water Factory, in Sharjah, UAE (Zulal). Running at up to 45,000 bottles per hour (bph), the line not only delivers increased productivity by 280%, but also helps the company save 56% on energy costs, when compared with their existing PET line. In addition, with the new, lighter PET bottle and optimisation of utilities, there has been a considerable reduction in the overall carbon footprint.

  • New Berry Bottle Meets Market Requirements

    Berry M&H has responded to growing demand for a larger size Boston Round bottle with the introduction of a one litre version for its popular PET Forest range.


    Barrie House Coffee Roasters launched an exciting new product line and rebrand of their logo and packaging. The new rebrand reflects Barrie House’s long legacy as a family-owned, third-generation, New York based coffee roaster that supports coffee farmers while paying tribute to the coffee cherry with its burgundy brand color. Barrie House constantly strives to inspire a great coffee-drinking experience and their delicious new product line does just that.

  • Nestlé a+ launches ‘Cartons to Classroom’, a recycling campaign in partnership with Tetra Pak

    Nestlé a+ has joined hands with Tetra Pak to launch ‘Cartons to Classroom’- a unique initiative to increase awareness about recycling in India by converting used beverage cartons to create classroom furniture for schools for less-privileged children. The initiative will begin in Mumbai and it marks the start of a long-term collaboration between Nestlé a+ and Tetra Pak, duly supported by our retail partners- Reliance Retail and RUR Greenlife, a social enterprise. Cartons to Classroom is an extension of Tetra Pak’s ‘Go Green with Tetra Pak’ Program.

  • Surya Global Flexifilms has a good plan – and does it together with Brückner


    Millions of Indians have grown up with Priyagold’s biscuits, chocolate, snacks and juices over the past years. To keep their fine specialties fresh and appetizing at all times, a wide variety of BOPP and BOPET films are in use. So the logical step was backward integration: producing and converting high-quality films for inhouse requirements and to serve domestic and export film markets. And thus, the Group subsidiary Surya Global Flexifilms ordered two BOPP lines from Brückner Maschinenbau.

    Shekhar Agarwal, Surya’s Chairman & Managing Director, says: “As a newcomer in film production we were looking for a partner with great experience, convincing technology and relevant references. All this we have found in Brückner – this already became clear during our first talks.”

    Johann Kreilinger, Head of Sales Brückner Maschinenbau, confirms the extremely constructive negotiating climate: “Both our Indian sales team and us from Germany have felt very comfortable in the discussions: our new partners are always well prepared and target-oriented. We are really looking forward to realize the projects.”

    Both BOPP lines (8.7 meter wide, one 3-layers, one 5-layers) will be placed at Surya’s new highly modern plant in the greater Nodia area, with excellent traffic connection to the Delhi-Agra/Lucknow expressway and the Delhi-Mumbai express. The first line will start mid 2022, the second one approx. one and half years later.

  • LINHARDT acquires three production lines for aluminum tubes production from Nussbaum


    We are very pleased to inform you that LINHARDT GmbH & Co. KG has acquired all three aluminum tube production lines as well as the customer base and order volume from Nussbaum Matzingen AG under an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) effective October 31, 2021.
    By the end of 2021, LINHARDT and Nussbaum will hold discussions with all customers with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition of orders.
    Nussbaum will continue to produce at its Kesswill site until the end of Q1/ 2022 at the latest, so that the dismantling of the production lines will be carried out by LINHARDT at the beginning of Q2/ 2022. Production on these lines at LINHARDT's German sites in Viechtach and Pausa is expected to commence from Q4/2022, following corresponding supplementary investments to be made, although LINHARDT can also produce at its existing production facilities at an earlier desired date.
    With this acquisition, says LINHARDT CEO Johannes Schick, "LINHARDT will significantly strengthen its market position in the Pharmaceutical Alumiunium Tubes business unit."
    With this sale to LINHARDT, we are convinced that our customers will be in very good hands in the future, so that a smooth and high-quality supply will be ensured, according to the owner and CEO of Nussbaum, Florian J. Nussbaum.

  • SpotSee launches label to identify frozen food products


    US-based logistics and cold chain risk management system provider SpotSee has introduced a heat-sensitive label as part of its temperature monitoring solution portfolio.

    The Do Not Refreeze label is designed to maintain the quality and safety of fresh food products across the commercial food supply chain and ecosystem.

    The single-use label has been approved for indirect contact and can be pasted on a fresh food product’s packaging during production or before it is stored in a commercial freezer.

    It initially features light blue text to indicate that the product is yet to be frozen.

    After freezing below -15°C, the text on the label automatically and permanently shows ‘Do Not Refreeze’ in dark blue.

    This colour-changing technology is designed to allow food handlers to quickly identify temperature-sensitive products while handling large quantities of products.

    SpotSee temperature business director Reuben Isbitsky said: “It’s critical that food is properly transported and stored throughout the farm-to-fork supply chain to maintain integrity.

    “With the Do Not Refreeze label, food handlers are now able to identify if food products have been previously frozen and should not be refrozen in order to maintain the quality and safety of the product.”

    The Do Not Refreeze label comes with a chart to allow users to track the timelines of frozen products.

    SpotSee said that it will prove helpful for foodservice providers, caterers and food manufacturers by making them aware of and responsible for the food’s environment.

    Based in Dallas, Texas, SpotSee’s solutions and products are designed to help a range of customers detect changes in their products’ conditions.

    The company serves more than 4,500 customers and partners across 62 countries, operating six manufacturing plants.

    It provides solutions for the life sciences, energy, transportation, aerospace, defence, food, manufacturing and consumer products sectors.

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