• ASPA and Messe Frankfurt India to unite experts to discuss ideas for securing the pharmaceutical supply chain

    Increasing instances of substandard, falsified and counterfeit medical products continue to pose a major challenge to the global healthcare system which is already suffering from the dire impact of COVID-19. To address this issue, ASPA and Messe Frankfurt India will unite leading experts from the pharmaceutical segment for a live panel discussion on 11 June 2021.


     Guala Pack S.p.A. has announced its acquisition of the majority stake in Easysnap Technology, a company from the Italian Packaging Valley, globally renowned for its patented Easysnap® technology, an innovative system to easily open single-dose packets.

  • Airnov innovations help maximize oxygen protection in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

    Oxynov™ Barrier Bottles and Pharmakeep® – an oxygen and moisture absorber designed to protect oxygen sensitive products
    Stablus™ shelf-life predictive simulator provides key insight into oxygen protection to inform which protective solutions should be used
    Solutions combine to improve oxygen protection and reduce product development time and costs

  • Packaging and Labeling Innovation E-Conference 2021

    Packaging and Labeling Innovation E-Conference 2021  is the perfect platform for solution providers and other industry professionals to share and exchange their experiences on all aspects of Smart Packaging and other issues that are rarely addressed. This PLIP 2021 Conference will dive deep inside the workings of New strategies, practical challenges, most recent innovations, and solutions adopted in the fields of Sustainable, Green packaging, and the Internet of things of the Packaging Industry. At this E-Conference all the stakeholders will get an opportunity to interact with Packaging Heads, Buyers, Category Heads, Procurement  Directors, Purchasing & Outsourcing Managers, Labeling Head, Directors, and Managers globally.

    To resgister  follow link : https://pgsolx.com/supplychain/PLIP-ASIA-P/

  • Marchesini Group takes part in Achema Pulse, the digital event that provides a foretaste of 2022’s international show

    Pianoro (Bologna) – In the run-up to the next edition of Achema (4-8 April 2022), the industry’s first big international event after the stop imposed by the pandemic, the German show’s organisers have launched the Achema Pulse digital portal. The platform will be online throughout the month of June, with two red-letter dates, the Live Days on 15 and 16 June, when industry players will present the new process and packaging trends.

  • Zydus’ new tech enabled initiative to safeguard patients against counterfeit drugs


    Zydus Cadila, an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company announced that it has introduced a new feature in the packaging of its critical drugs to help patients ensure that the product is not fake or counterfeited. The company has incorporated a new IT enabled scratch code which shall be printed under a scratchable surface. The patients can check to see if the product purchased by them is genuine or not by scratching the surface and verifying the code through the app or the website. This security feature developed by Hyperlink Infosystem enables patients and institutions detect counterfeits. All that one needs to do is scratch the code and immediately verify this on an app or website, in no time.

    With increasing instances of counterfeit products in the market it was necessary to ensure that a 100% genuine product of Zydus is available to patients. To start with the technology is being implemented in the Company’s products Remdac (Remdesivir) and Virafin Inj (Pegylated Interpheron Alpha 2b) and will be seen on the product packs in the third week of June. The new feature will also be extended to other products of the company.

    Speaking on the new initiative Dr. Sharvil Patel, Managing Director, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., said, “The problem of counterfeit drugs undermines the painstaking efforts that are put in to ensure that the end user or patients receive a product that is safe and manufactured with the highest standards of quality excellence. Counterfeit drugs can be harmful as they may not have the desired outcome and could also be life threatening in some cases. To curb this menace we looked at a user friendly solution which can reassure the patient that the product is genuine and safe. Zydus Verify is a techenabled solution that will safeguard patients against counterfeit drugs.”

    How does ‘Zydus Verify’ work?

     Each pack has a concealed secret code which comes with a scratchable surface

     The customer who buys the pack, scratches the surface and finds a code

     He/She downloads Zydus Verify App from Google Play store and Apple Store or visits the website and enters the code on the pack

     The App connects the code and flashes the brand name verifying a genuine purchase.

  • Nemera’s preservative-free multi-dose eyedropper approved in Brazil for Aché’s NSAID’s and Dry Eye formulations

    Nemera is excited to announce that its multidose eye dropper Novelia® has been approved by ANVISA for the preservative-free formulations CLILON [1] (Ketorolac 0,4% and 0,5%), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat moderately severe pain and inflammation, usually after surgery.

  • Emsland Group once again chooses GEA to build a modern protein process line in Wietzendorf

    Düsseldorf, May 17, 2021 – For the new construction and expansion of its potato protein production line at the Wietzendorf site in Germany, the Emsland Group, an international market leader in this sector, is once again calling 

  • Neenah Advances Medical Packaging Category with New Lightweight Reinforced Paper-Based Solution


    “This ultra-lightweight addition brings new opportunities closer in reach with our global sterile supply chain partners,” says Valerie Henderson, Medical Packaging Product Manager for Neenah.

    Single-use medical devices are gaining popularity as they help lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce the spread of infection. Most single-use devices have a shelf life of 3-5 years, making it imperative that the sterilization process remain intact from supplier to opening at the final destination. Kraft-based medical packaging, used for single-use devices, can tear or burst due to packing or transportation style. It is essential that medical packaging be durable, especially if it is lightweight.

    The new ultra-lightweight 72 gsm (grams per square meter) grade joins Neenah’s medical packaging offering that currently includes lightweight 85 gsm and heavyweight 112 gsm options. The entire paper-based product line is manufactured using FSC controlled fibers, compliant with regulatory standards, and accepts steam and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization methods. These products also deliver superior breathable barrier properties, plus excellent conformability and printability.

    “Recently, we’ve witnessed extreme and unprecedented growth in the wound care market. With this revolutionary, ultra-lightweight reinforced paper, Neenah is reacting in real-time to help our customers grow and embrace new opportunities. I’m excited to bring this innovative solution to the market,” says Jaime Zohrer, International Sales Development Manager for Neenah.

  • The New Normal For Packaging: Post-Pandemic Edition

    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes in every aspect of life as we knew it. This includes how we view, buy and use products and by association, the packaging that encases these products. Today, consumers’ expectations and preferences are heavily dependent on the impact of this global crisis. With emerging variants and new health advisories on a daily, buyers expect rapid changes from the market to accommodate the crucial needs of the general public.

    A few areas of packaging and packaging design that have needed to keep pace with changing scenario are:

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