• The sustainable future of pharmaceutical blister packaging

    Finally, there is an alternative to vinyl blister films that will meet or exceed all your sustainability goals and work within your current manufacturing setup. kpNext™ films are designed to be recyclable and will work with your existing production lines. No need for expensive retooling or costly line speed reductions. With kpNext™ you get the best of both worlds, sustainability, and performance, plus so much more!

  • Locked4Kids, the range certified child resistant folding carton.

    In 2013 the development of child resistant cartons containing blister strips in a tray was started. Mid 2014 different sizes of Locked4Kids packaging was tested by Belgian testing institute BVI. With excellent results. A so called range certification was granted. It means that all sizes between the smallest and largest tested carton were automatically certified and there is no need to apply for certification every time a different size is demanded. Provided of course that the desired size stays within the certified range.

  • Chobani Enters the Peanut Butter Aisle with Launch of Chobani Ends Child Hunger Peanut Butter Flavored Spreads


    Chobani will donate 100% of profits from its peanut spreads to Edesia for production of Plumpy'Nut®, its fortified peanut butter that is shipped around the world across 60 countries to nourish children with acute malnutrition.

    "We believe that children, no matter where they live, deserve the basic human right of food and nutrition. From Afghanistan to Haiti, hunger and malnutrition is completely preventable," said Edesia Founder and CEO Navyn Salem. "Chobani's commitment to donate 100% of profits from the sales of its peanut butter flavored spreads will help make this vision possible."

    The Chobani Ends Child Hunger Peanut Butter Flavored Nutrient Spreads offer a special line for infants. It's formulated to reduce the choking hazard associated with the early introduction of peanuts recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Introducing peanuts as early as 4 to 6 months may help reduce peanut allergies by 80% among at-risk children, such as those with mild, moderate to severe eczema and/or egg allergy, who should consume peanut-containing foods under medical supervision. [1]

    "Edesia was the first non-profit participant in our Incubator program in 2019, and we knew we had to work together because our missions are very aligned," said Chobani Founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya. "Childhood hunger in the U.S. and malnutrition globally are dual crises, and we have the opportunity and the responsibility to take additional action through this beautiful partnership."  

    The devastating August earthquake in Haiti has urgently increased the need to help provide nutrition to Haiti's children, many of whom suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Chobani responded immediately to the disaster with financial assistance to rescue and relief partners, but we wanted to do more to offer support on the ground. Through the proceeds from the roll out of the peanut butter flavored spreads, Chobani, in partnership with Edesia, will be able to provide a full 7-week treatment of Plumpy'Nut to over 2,000 children in Haiti. As an added benefit to the Haitian economy, this product is being made at a facility in Haiti.

    Consumers can find our peanut butter flavored spreads at major supermarkets nationwide and online.

    Key Facts on Chobani Ends Child Hunger Peanut Butter Flavored Spreads:

    For the Family:
    Plain peanut butter flavored nutrient spread available in multi-packs of 6-1.12oz squeeze packs, 10oz multi-serve jar
    Chocolate and peanut butter flavored nutrient spread available in 6-1.12oz squeeze packs, 10oz multi-serve jar
    Cookie dough and peanut butter flavored nutrient spread available in 6-1.12oz squeeze packs
    For Babies:
    Apple and peanut butter flavored nut & fruit blend available in a 6-count multi-pack of 0.7oz squeeze packs
    Banana and peanut butter flavored nut & fruit blend available in a 6-count multi-pack of 0.7oz squeeze packs
    All Chobani Ends Child Hunger products are made with non-GMO ingredients, and are certified kosher and gluten free.
    About Chobani
    Chobani is a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to more people, while elevating our communities and making the world a healthier place. In short: making good food for all.  In support of this mission, we are a values-driven, people-first, food-and-wellness-focused company, and have been since Hamdi Ulukaya, an immigrant to the U.S., founded the company in 2005.  We produce yogurt, non-dairy oatmilk, dairy- and plant-based creamers, ready-to-drink coffee and plant-based probiotic drinks. Chobani yogurt is America's No.1 yogurt brand, and it's made with only natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

    Chobani uses food as a force for good in the world – putting humanity first in everything we do. Our philanthropic efforts prioritize giving back to our communities and beyond: working to eradicate child hunger, supporting immigrants, refugees and underrepresented people, honoring veterans, and protecting the planet. We manufacture our products in New York, Idaho, and Australia. Chobani products are available throughout North America and distributed in Australia and other select markets. For more information, please visit www.chobani.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    About Edesia
    Edesia is a non-profit social enterprise on a mission to end hunger and malnutrition worldwide. From its Rhode Island factory, a diverse team of 100 humanitarians make over 1.5 million packets of lifesaving foods 24 hours a day for UNICEF, the World Food Programme, USAID, USDA, and other NGOs working in emergency and conflict zones. Edesia has shipped its ready-to-eat foods to over 60 countries worldwide, reaching over 14.5 million children. Navyn Salem founded Edesia in 2009 and was inspired to end childhood malnutrition by her father who is from Tanzania and her four daughters. To learn more, please visit: www.edesianutrition.org.  

    [1] For most infants with severe eczema and/or an egg allergy who are already eating solid foods, introducing foods containing ground peanuts between 4 and 10 months of age and continuing consumption may reduce the risk of developing peanut allergy by 5 years of age. The FDA has determined, however, that the evidence supporting this claim is limited to one study. If your infant has severe eczema and/or an egg allergy, check with your infant's healthcare provider before feeding foods containing ground peanuts.

  • ATS opens new division for packaging lines


    The company is launching a range of in-house designed capping machinery, alongside bottle unscramblers and pump and trigger feeding systems as part of its complete system offering for the design and installation of bespoke filling lines and automated packing line solutions.

    It is looking to cater for a variety of end markets including FMCG, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical and automotive.

    ATS Packaging Machinery is being headed by technical sales and product manager Richard Aitchison, who has over 25 years’ experience in capital equipment sales, with the past decade working on sales of a variety of packaging machinery throughout the world including Europe, India, China and North America.

    Adrian Gander, ATS managing director, said: “We are very excited to be further expanding our operations with the opening of the packaging machinery division. In particular, Richard’s wide-ranging experience will be invaluable in helping customers meet their specific packing requirements with efficient, value-adding solutions.”


    Essentra Packaging has been recognised in this year’s Pro Carton awards, clinching Gold in the Carton Excellence Awards for its cosmetics carton for exclusive online skincare brand Exentrique.

    The solution devised by Essentra for Exentrique’s Facial Cleanser met the requirements to reflect the brand’s unique positioning and identity, enhance appeal in the online sales channel and ensure the perfect at home opening experience, while at the same time satisfying its sustainability standards.

  • CILICANT launches ACCUFLIP that prevents over-desiccation


    ACCUFLIP has been designed to regulate Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) within a specific range in order to protect medications from over-desiccation. It does this through a specialised sorbent that has the ability to absorb and desorb.

    CILICANT founder, Mr Manish Jain commented:
    ‘With ACCUFLIP, we have addressed the needs of formulators and packaging specialists by solving the problem of over-desiccation. We’ve only been able able to do as a result of feedback from our clients and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their help in developing what we believe will be a ground-breaking product for the active packaging industry.’

    While suppressing moisture in packaging is critical when it comes to ensuring the efficacy of many drugs and medicines, over-desiccation has been a pressing issue for the industry. Developed in pre-cut pouches and strips, ACCUFLIP has been thoroughly tested and shown to prevent this issue and will play a key role in improving the quality of medication for end-users.

    CILICANT has a longstanding reputation for innovation and creating products that solve very real problems for companies using active packaging, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry. ACCUFLIP is just one more example of the CILICANT commitment to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with active packaging.

    Founded by Manish Jain in 2011, CILICANT has become one of the world’s trusted brands in active pharmaceutical packaging with a range of high quality solutions, designed to protect products from the harmful effects of moisture and oxidation.




  • Airnov Introduces Rebranded OXYNOV™ Barrier Bottle


     Airnov Healthcare Packaging is introducing its new brand, OXYNOV™ . Applicable for High Protective Barrier Bottles, OXYNOV offers protection for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and probiotic products. The OXYNOV Barrier Bottles utilize extrusion-blow-molding (EBM) technology creating a 6-layer bottle with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) which offers the highest barrier to oxygen and moisture available on the market for this packaging category. The OXYNOV bottles are rigid containers to be used on automated filling lines for a fast, reliable output, and do not shrink when bottles are used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers.

    The OXYNOV bottle is the latest brand in Airnov’s oxygen protective solutions which, when combined with oxygen absorbers, offers the ideal product to avoid the degradation of oxygen sensitive products such as drugs, proteins or probiotics. Airnov produces OXYNOV bottles in a range of sizes from 40cc to 400cc. “After introducing our new company name in February this year we are continuing to update and evolve some Airnov category products to grow our core business of healthcare packaging solutions. It’s been a wonderful journey along this process to create OXYNOV,” says Stephane Rault, global product line manager. “Customers will now recognize our oxygen protective solutions through our new Oxynov brand, dedicated to oxygen protective solutions.”

    OXYNOV not only protects against oxygen, it guarantees protection from moisture and UV. The OXYNOV bottles are delivered to customers in tight aluminum bags resulting in a 2-year shelf-life, are compliant with SP-400 regulation and may be used with standard screw cap and child resistant closures as well as US FDA, EU regulations and USP 38/NF 33 supplement 1<671>. Regulatory statements are available upon request and are registered in a Drug Master File.

  • Airnov Announces New Laser-Marked Desiccant Canister


    Airnov Healthcare Packaging is introducing a new line of laser-marked sorbent and desiccant canisters without direct printing or labeling. Laser marking produces clean, readable product and warning information with reduced risk of contamination of packaged pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. It also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

    Laser marking utilizes the energy of a highly focused laser beam to produce a combined thermal and photochemical effect that results in permanent marking. Airnov has integrated the lasers on its 1-gram canister lines, with the ability to mark on both sides and without sacrificing the high-speed throughput Airnov is known for. Today’s lasers are high-speed and capable of rendering highly detailed, precise imagery and text, and by marking both sides Airnov can include all industry-required symbols and information such as “DO NOT EAT” in multiple languages.

    “The pharmaceutical packaging and nutraceutical packaging markets continue to demand a higher level of safety,” says Nicolas Martinez, global product line manager. “We have responded by eliminating extraneous materials like inks, paper and adhesives from the packaging system and offering a much purer replacement.”

    The 1-gram drop-in-style canisters are the same size as standard printed and labeled canisters and provide the same protection against chemical or physical drug degradation due to moisture. The canisters are molded in white to facilitate laser marking. The colorant used is the same, GRAS material used in bottles throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

    By eliminating the external supply chain required for inks and labels, laser marking reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the associated transportation, packaging, and waste streams. It also reduces time-to-market for non-standard, custom markings.

    Dr. Matthias Brommer, Managing Director & CEO, adds, “Laser-marking of canisters represents one of the first innovations launched under our new Airnov brand, and exemplifies our commitment to technology development targeted at satisfying evolving customer demands.”

    Ideal for insertion into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product packaging, canisters can be filled with silica gel for moisture adsorption, activated carbon canisters for odor control, and 2-in-1 canisters deliver moisture and odor control in one unit. Airnov canisters are fully compliant with US FDA and EU regulations for use in pharmaceutical applications and comply with US Pharmacopeia USP <670> standard for pharmaceutical desiccants. A popular and cost-efficient alternative to desiccant packets, which are supplied on reels and must be cut apart before insertion, the rigid canister construction facilitates continuous hopper feeding and high-speed automatic insertion on standard insertion equipment.

    Airnov Healthcare Packaging is a global leader in shelf-life preservation solutions to protect pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and diagnostic products from moisture and oxygen. This includes dropin sorbents such as canisters and packets, integrated desiccant systems, and specially designed container-closure systems. Airnov has five manufacturing plants located in France, the U.S., China, and India.

  • PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System


    PillPick is the only pharmacy automation system that can provide unit-dose packaging, storage and dispensing – making it a completely automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing.

    PillPick allows pharmacies to increase picking, packaging and dispensing efficiency, eliminate medication errors and improve patient safety.

    PillPick packages, bar codes and labels pills into unit doses, with a unique serial number for automated dispensing and bedside verification. Through RFID-enabled canisters and secure medication loading, verification can replace pharmacist check upon dispense, reducing workload by as much as 50%.

    High-density storage

    PillPick features an automated, high-density, robotic warehouse that receives, loads and stores up to 51,060 barcoded unit doses. Two robots can run simultaneously, allowing for both multi-tasking and redundancy. One robot loads unit dose bags from the packager into the storage unit and then picks unit dose bags for loading onto the PickRing. The second robot retrieves returned unit dose bags from the Returns window and loads them into the storage unit.

    PickRing™ technology​

    Our patented PickRing organizes medication on a single ring for each patient. Each single-dose unit has a bar code, which reduces the opportunity for missed medications and speeds up administration time. PickRings can be loaded according to drug name or sequenced by administration time. They also can be transported in cassettes, carts or pneumatic tube systems.

    PickView™ Vision System

    The PickView Vision System stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification. A single dose’s image can be retrieved at any time, enabling hospitals to provide documentation that the right drug was in the right package.

    PillPick Features and Benefits

    •  AutoPhial™ Overwrap Module Boosts pharmacy efficiency by automating the unit-dose packaging of vials, cups, ampoules and syringes
    •  High-Density Storage Securely stores up to 51,060 unit doses* , or 145 doses per square foot * Indicates maximum capacity, which is not typical for most clients
    •  Unit-Dose Packaging Ensures complete traceability of medication from original packaging to the patient
    •  Secure Medication Loading Verification replaces pharmacist check upon dispense+ , reducing workload by as much as 50%1 errors + Where allowed by State Board of Pharmacy
    •  Patented PickRing® Gives quick visual reference of medication orders for caregivers errors
    •  Automatic Medication Returns Eliminate extra processing steps and reduce waste + Barcode Verification Eliminates opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing + Discrete Packaging and Dispensing Modules Support simultaneous processing and improve productivity + Archive Process The PickView Vision System stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification

    Wayne, PA, September 15, 2021 -- Tekni-Plex has named Eldon Schaffer as CEO of the company’s Consumer Products division, which services non-healthcare sectors including food & beverage, cosmetics & beauty and personal care. Schaffer will play a critical role in developing and executing business strategies that will enable the company to apply its materials science knowledge to customer product designs and challenges.

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