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Davik Carry Handle Tape-Drive more sales, reduce packaging costs and meet your brand needs

The carry handle is an incredible add-on by Davik that is not limited to a single application or industry. The product was specially developed by Davik‘s R&D – adhesive formulations that make it suitable for all common packaging materials.

But what is carry handle tape? Carry handle tape is combined from a small strip of flexible film (various film variations are available) coated with adhesive and from laminate material also called “label” or “insert”, used for non-adhesive area, This serves as the part that you grab for carrying a pack with full convenience.

The carry handle adhesives were developed over 20 years ago and used since then by customers worldwide. The adhesive properties and holding strength are highly reliable for various types of packs.

The adaptability and convenience offered by the Carry Handle are one of the main reasons behind its popularity. The non-adhesive area of the handle can be printed with any customer design and it can provide your product more innovative, fresh and functional look.

Carry handle tape is simple for application and Davik experts can provide you a full support while updating the design for your pack. The usage of carry handle provides many advantages, along with cost effectiveness for your operation, increasing sales and showing concern for sustainability to your customers.

The carry handle can be applied either manually or automatically, thus providing you with a wide range of options for your operation.

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