• Siegwerk Thailand receives prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Circular Economy

    The Thai Prime Minister has presented Siegwerk with the "Industry Award" in the circular economy category. He thus honored the company's successful work and commitment in this area.

    Siegburg, Germany, and Samut Sakhon, Thailand 16 December 2021. – Siegwerk, one of the leading global providers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels has won the Thailand Prime Minister Industry Award in the Circular Economy category. The prize was presented by the Prime Minister on 13 December 2021.

  • Essentra Packaging webinar series highlights solutions to regulatory challenges in clinical trials packaging

    Essentra Packaging will host a free series of industry webinars to help packaging professionals find practical and effective solutions to the labelling of clinical trials, against the backdrop of complex regulatory change.

    Titled, ‘The implications on Clinical Trials labelling due to Annex VI changes and patientricity’ the first webinar in the series takes place on 2nd December at 15:00 GMT with interested parties invited to register online for the event.

  • Loftware releases new version of Smartflow


    Using a central location for packaging content, Smartflow 26.2 enables users to curate, review and approve content for product lines or product portfolios and provides pre-approved content that can be used to create multiple new artwork projects to speed time to market.

    Smartflow 26.2’s new Master Datasheets enables viewing content over an entire product line or range of product lines, allowing users to understand better and manage the impact of regulatory changes or legal updates on their artwork content. 

    The new version control ensures that only approved content is used in packaging projects with content that is not approved locked. Additionally, Master Datasheets increases flexibility with a workflow-managed review and approval process that tracks all comments, rejections, approvals, and changes. It also eliminates the need to search through multiple locations for images or files, so users can quickly and accurately manage bulk changes.

    Other enhancements include the ability to configure the time and date stamp to a specific time zone, making it easier for companies with global operations to understand when changes were made relative to geography. Additionally, Smartflow 26.2 includes support for the Microsoft Edge browser.

    ‘Smartflow’s biggest benefits lie in its ability to facilitate collaboration and increase speed to market,’ said Loftware director of product management, Glen Bradlee. ‘This release builds upon that value by allowing product packaging teams to work together using a controlled process. It also enables users to curate content for all of their products in one central location, which they can easily locate, manage, use and reuse as much as needed.’

  • Securikett launches paper-based security seal


    By using similar materials for product packaging, the recycling process is simplified. If packaging and closing labels are made out of the same material, the quality of the recycled raw material, and efficiency of the recycling process, is significantly enhanced. Paper packaging that is closed with paper-based security seals can be better integrated into the recycling process than paper packaging with plastic labels.

    In all industries, green innovations have been continuously coming onto the market in recent years. When it comes to packaging including security closing mechanisms, there was one final hurdle to clear.

    "By using the latest paper-based security seals and tapes, industries can not only package their products in a more tamper-proof way, but also make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoid plastic," says Werner Horn, the CEO of Securikett, an Austria-based security labeling specialist committed to producing high performance products in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

    Securikett specializes in digital and physical security systems for a broad spectrum of product sectors, is attracting attention with its invention of the new paper security seal, the company says. "Our VOID labels turn all types of packaging into safes," says Horn. "We are pleased that we can now offer this special paper-based VOID technology solution. Paper is one of the most renewable raw materials and recycling of paper is well established. Pulp fibers can be recycled up to eight times."

    The security closure seals are characterized by the fact that an irreversible effect remains on the packaging when it is peeled off. Opening and tampering of the packaging is thus immediately and clearly obvious. The company produces these new paper VOID seals in various designs, sizes and colors.

  • anytron any-PACK helps Korean company with flexible packaging


    Korea's Suncheon City Agricultural Products Processing Center opened in May 2020, and the business was unable to serve customized orders due to the overall arrival time for labels and flexible packaging.

    That necessitated the addition of anytron any-PACK, which allows Suncheon City Agricultural Products Processing Center to tend to the customized packaging of the products and procuring orders. The anytron any-PACK runs with Adobe illustrator and simplifies the process.

    Agricultural Products Processing Center is reporting that its production problems have been solved. According to the company, this system doesn’t break the processing assembly as it can take on even the smallest print job for a customized label and pouch printing.

    Anytron's any-PACK solution is a package consisting of any-002 and S/W, R2R laminator, and vertical filler for flexible packing on-demand. The digital laser printer is water, temperature, and abrasion-resistant.

    Using high-capacity toners and drums, high-resolution pouches can be produced at reasonable prices. Thanks to the LED toner printing technology, any-PACK can print on paper such as Kraft without smudging or ink being displaced poorly compromising the integrity of the final print, creating eco-friendly pouches. The printed pouches maintain their quality for a long time as they have enhanced waterproofing and are less susceptible to the impact of external environments.

    "We can print labels and pouches with any-pack and easily insert and edit variable data with dedicated software," says Agricultural Processing Center. "Most of all, we think the biggest advantage is that we have a lot of farmers who need only a few hundred copies, and we can print them immediately."

    Since the Agricultural Products Processing Center installed the any-pack system, it has commercialized products in small volumes, and members have been pleased that they can try various designs. In addition, the company was able to solve multiple problems due to outsourcing. 

    And Suncheon City Agricultural Products Processing Center is considering purchasing anytron's new machine, any-JET II, which is a combined a digital label printer and laser diecutter for label and pouch printing. any-JET II has laminating, laser scribing, and slitting functions.

  • HP continues fight against counterfeit labels and packaging


    Coming off a year in which e-commerce surged exponentially, the fight against counterfeit goods has never been fiercer. Whether that means fake goods or product diversion, the ability to authenticate and track-and-trace has never been more relevant.

    Recognizing this trend, HP has launched its HP Indigo Secure portfolio, which touts digital security printing in one pass. The portfolio, which includes the new HP Indigo 6K Secure digital press, includes a host of software and hardware solutions designed to safeguard the supply chain.

    According to HP, counterfeit goods account for 3.3% of all global trade. For pharmaceuticals specifically, a recent study illustrated that counterfeits account for 4.03 billion euro. The surge in e-commerce has translated to greater awareness, too, especially as more consumers are using Amazon to purchase products.

    In 2018, Alibaba Anticounterfeiting Alliance shut down 524 manufacturing and distribution locations, seizing over $536 million in fake goods. In the future, the estimated impact of counterfeit goods is $4.2 trillion globally.

    “We see the potential, but the brands are seeing the need,” notes Amir Raziel, head of strategic marketing, HP Indigo. “If you have advanced technology, you can sidestep this problem, and that’s the beauty of our concept that we’re implementing. You’re already starting to see companies like ePac and Nosco using these technologies to protect their brands from counterfeiters.

    “Brand protection is really diverse,” he adds. “Some brands do not feel the need while others have to have it – especially with regulations. Others see problems with divergence. The brands gradually understand the potential of the ability to do such a thing.”

    HP has implemented solutions that can help with brand protection and security printing. The global market for security printing and brand protection is expected to reach $36 billion by 2024.

    HP has amassed a wide range of partners to help fight this crime epidemic. These teammates include Agfa and Jura and range to EVRYTHING, VerifyMe and Scantrust. “For brand protection, we have a wide selection of features thanks to our partnerships,” explains Gidi Amir, innovations initiatives strategist, HP Indigo. “These companies that we’re working with are providing special security graphical designs that are harder to copy. Our partners provide serialization services and many other anti-counterfeiting needs.”

    For example, a brand may require an invisible taggant ink that features chemical markers, which are utilized in HP’s ElectroInk. Brands that take advantage of these capabilities might have a product that has an inherent liability such as pharmaceuticals. Brands can prove that someone was harmed from a counterfeit product and not their product.

    HP has realized a 300% increase in its invisible ink usage, but that’s just one part of the overall brand protection platform. Brands are increasingly utilizing any number of overt, covert and forensic features to protect their businesses. Holograms, tactile features and color shifting inks are also frequently utilized.

    “Any HP Indigo customer can take a crack at this with the technology that we have and the presses that they already have in place,” says Raziel. “And it can range from very simple to very complex. This is part of the inherent advantages of variable data, to solving divergence problems, multiple SKUs, and so many more.”

    The interest level in these capabilities is ramping up, too. “We’re seeing strong interest in what we can do, and we’re taking a very humble approach because this market is so closed,” comments Raziel. “It’s a long-term play for us. We’re learning from customers and our partners every day. This isn’t a one-year effort. This is a long-term vision and another step in the analog to digital revolution.”

    “We’re exposing ourselves in the high security world and gaining trust,” adds Amir. “Participating in exclusive events to let them know we are there, and we see tremendous acceptance. We’re no longer bridging out, now companies are coming to us to learn more and understand the advantage of our technology. Indigo is not just another digital platform, we’re much more than that.”


  • INKonnect: Siegwerk introduces remote service solution to take its customer service to a new level

    By applying its new remote service solution, Siegwerk optimizes its customer service once again. The new assisted reality-based solution allows the company to support its customers over distance with even faster response times and easier accessible expert knowledge.


    The growth of the e-commerce industry has made cross-border shopping as easy as the click of a button. While this changing market trend has many pros, it also has some cons and risks associated with it. Viewing images of the product you are going to purchase on a screen only makes it harder to validate the authenticity of the seller and the product itself.

  • New Bopp Film With Improved Thermal Resistance

    Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Propafilm™ range of transparent speciality packaging films.  CHS offers improved thermal resistance and shrinkage properties compared to conventional polypropylene films.  It has been designed to substitute traditional outer web films in laminates for applications such as pouches and lidding in various food markets.

  • Planglow Announce Latest Collaboration With Leading Food Data Experts Erudus


    This new feature is now available on our multi-award-winning labelling app LabelLogic Live: quick and simple-to-use software that allows users to create and print their own food labelling online using any internet-connected device and a standard office / home printer. LabelLogic Live ensures legally compliant labelling including the UK Food Information Amendment (also known as Natasha’s Law) which comes into effect on the 1st of October 2021.

    Our national accounts director Neil Steadman explained why partnering with Erudus is such a gamechanger:

    “With Erudus’ support we’ve been able to complement the existing capabilities of our own food labelling software to create an enhanced labelling solution for caterers using branded and / or wholesaler supplied products in their food to go items. Our ethoses are very similar and we are delighted to have partnered with a company whose trusted data expertise so ably supports our own”. 

    Erudus COO Jon Shayler commented:

    “Planglow do great work, and I’m excited about the gains our mutual customers are going to enjoy as a result of their partnership with Erudus. 

    Planglow’s LabelLogic Live label printing is the crucial kind of solution that’s going to help Caterers adapt to the upcoming Natasha’s Law, and the forward thinking of integrating it with our Data Pool means Caterers can benefit from multiple efficiencies and benefits that will ultimately be passed on to their customers”.

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