• Ranpak Announces North American Launch of AutoFill™, a Completely Automated Packaging Solution

    Ranpak Announces North American Launch of AutoFill™, a Completely Automated Packaging Solution


    Ranpak, a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, today announced the North American launch of AutoFill™.

    AutoFill™ is a next-generation, fully automated end-of-line packaging solution that enhances throughput, reduces labor costs, and ensures the optimal amount of void fill in each package. Ranpak’s proprietary solution uses smart sensors to scan the package, computing the box size and the volume of objects inside, and then dispenses the optimal amount of paper needed to protect items during shipping. Finally, AutoFill’s case sealer closes and seals the box. By automating and standardizing the void fill process, AutoFill™ delivers consistently packed boxes that reduce shipping damage, while optimizing paper consumption for a cost reduction of up to 20%. AutoFill™ redefines how customers complete their packaging process, saving money and freeing up resources to be redeployed upstream.

    “AutoFill is Ranpak’s latest innovation in packaging automation and aligns with our commitment to deliver operational efficiencies, cost savings and sustainability benefits to our customers,” said Omar Asali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Ranpak. “AutoFill’s ability to eliminate bottlenecks in end-of-line packaging increases operational throughput and delivers precise void fill, virtually eliminating shipping damage and waste. We’re excited to bring this technology to market to provide our customers with the ideal solution for optimizing their packaging operations.”

    By utilizing the patented AccuFill™ vision system, AutoFill™ eliminates over and under packed boxes, ensuring worry free shipping, while reducing paper consumption. Capable of processing up to 1200 boxes per hour, AutoFill™ can support the most demanding customers in distribution, e-commerce, and fulfillment operations.

  • IOT in Packaging

    IOT in Packaging

    IoT, or the Internet of Things, quite literally talks about how physical objects (aka things) such as machines and materials are now a part of a very large system (you guessed it right, the Internet) that allows them to communicate and share data with the help of sensors, microcomputers, assisted software, etc.

    From tracking your online shipment on your laptop to switching on the smart lights in your room using voice commands, all this  “convenient access to information” is made possible due to the “Internet of Things”.

  • New cracker snacks from Cofresh

    New cracker snacks from Cofresh


    Developed in response to growing consumer demand for taste adventure, the two new snacks are designed to appeal to all ages and will capitalise on the popularity of shared snacking occasions with friends and family.

    The Mango Chutney Grills (80g) combine the authentic sweet and spicy elements of this classic condiment, including a hint of mint, in a crunchy potato-based snack while the Onion Bhaji Corn Crackers (60g) faithfully recreate all the flavour of the famous Indian appetiser. Both are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and have an RRP of £0.83.

    “The last year in lockdown has seen increased demand for new varieties but people are also embracing the comfort factor found in familiar flavours,” comments Jon Roberts, Cofresh brand manager. “The renewed interest in health and well-being also means there’s a fantastic opportunity for our Grills to shine – with 30% less fat than the market leader and no reduction in the flavours that Cofresh is renowned for, they’re exactly what consumers are seeking.”

    The new Grills and Crackers have been developed as part of Cofresh’s extensive NPD programme and will be supported by high profile PR, advertising and social media campaigns, as well as in-store promotional activity such as multibuys and WIGIGs to help drive shoppers to the fixture.

  • Finsbury Food Group remasters full Thorntons cake bites and bars range

    Finsbury Food Group remasters full Thorntons cake bites and bars range


    Launching this month, retailers and consumers will see new-look packaging that has been designed to increase product stand-out on shelf with a design that brings to life the luxury and quality of Thorntons chocolate. Finsbury is also bringing in ‘Bitesize Moments Made Special’ as its tagline across the entire range, playing into the treat and snacking occasions that the cake range has been successful in for the last two decades.

    The leading cake manufacturer has introduced NPD to the range before, but this year it will be bringing in seven new options with a focus on seasonality and modern tastes and flavours. The NPD will introduce completely new ingredients, never seen within the range before.

    The additions to the bites range are:

    • Chocolate Orange Caramel Shortcake
    • Toffee Apple Caramel Shortcake
    • Hot Cross Bun Caramel Shortcake
    • Peppermint Crème Brownie
    • Strawberry Dream Brownie

    Finsbury is also making two additions to its individually wrapped cake bars, bringing in Hazelnut Brookie and Salted Caramel Brownie options.

    Finsbury has also revamped some of the existing products within the range, answering the consumer need for quality ingredients and flavours in treats. Its Caramel Shortcake will now feature a crunchier biscuit base and more chocolate alongside the Thorntons toffee in the caramel.

    Jordan McCann, brand manager at Finsbury Food Group, said: “Thorntons cake bites have the highest impulse purchase rate throughout the category, and we know its look and flavour appeal is key to ensuring those impulse purchases remain high. The range has enjoyed great success over the last 20 years, but we are constantly looking for ways to bring in new shoppers. The key to our ongoing success is to never take our eye off the ball when ensuring the range fits changing consumer trends.

    “The Thorntons bites and bars are successful because they are perfect for sharing occasions and adding a bit of luxury to those moments. We know the chances to get together and share a treat have been few and far between but hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, people will have more opportunities to spend time together and we’re making sure we have the perfect treats for those times.”

    Fiona Morgan, head of Foodservice Ferrero UK & Ireland, at Ferrero UK Ltd, added: “Finsbury has consistently found ways to bring the high quality and luxurious taste of Thorntons chocolate to cake products and this revamp is continuing that successful tradition. We’re excited to see the changes appear in the market and watch the range continue to go from strength to strength.”

  • Rondo-Pak Attains Certified Vendor Status with Genentech

    Rondo-Pak Attains Certified Vendor Status with Genentech

    Status affirms company’s ability to provide supreme customer service, minimize costs and maximize efficiencies for its customers.

  • At Pack Expo, HexcelPack to Demo Protective  Paper-Based Wrapping System for Cost-Effective & Sustainable Product Shipping

    At Pack Expo, HexcelPack to Demo Protective Paper-Based Wrapping System for Cost-Effective & Sustainable Product Shipping

    Among other packing solutions, company to showcase HexcelWrap™ cushioning paper and simple, sustainable Mini Packing Station dispenser.

  • Mars Wrigley set for ‘intergalactic’ Zero-G Skittles launch

    Mars Wrigley set for ‘intergalactic’ Zero-G Skittles launch


    According to the company, its latest edition is ‘designed for all your extraterrestrial and earthly travels,’ featuring intergalactic, aluminium packaging, and is filled with the blue and purple candies you know and love from the brand, featuring Pineapple Passionfruit, Raspberry and Berry Punch.

    “SKITTLES is always looking for ways to surprise fans, both earthlings and extraterrestrials, with shocking innovation,” said Fernando Rodrigues, Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Manager for Skittles. “We’re thrilled to bring better moments to fans by marking Skittles’ first trip to space with limited edition packs and look forward to pushing the boundaries of confectionery space exploration.”

    As the company added, fans can follow Skittles for details on how they might be lucky enough to get their hands on the limited edition Zero-G packs later this summer.

    Furthermore, as part of the brand’s expansion into extraterrestrial confections, the brand added that it is proud to make a donation to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in support of inspiring the next generation of innovators and explorers.

  • WWP Beauty Opens New Design Innovation Hub  in Los Angeles

    WWP Beauty Opens New Design Innovation Hub in Los Angeles

    Company’s expansion signifies its commitment to providing customers with the latest technologies in innovation and design, strengthening its position as leading North American supplier.

  • Price adjustment of 20% for the entire range

    Price adjustment of 20% for the entire range

    Due to the continued sharp rise in energy costs and due to significant cost increases in the areas of logistics and raw materials, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is increasing the prices for the entire product range (thermoscript, jetscript, giroform, supercote, barricote) by 20%. The price adjustments apply to deliveries from September 1, 2021.

    This step is unavoidable so that we can continue to offer our partners our wide range of coated speciality papers in the well-known high quality. Customers are contacted directly by the Mitsubishi sales team.

  • Companies partner to bring connected packaging to SMEs

    Companies partner to bring connected packaging to SMEs


    Through ePacConnect, which was announced in October of 2020, the companies offer secure, serialized QR codes on all of ePac’s packaging and provide access to a suite of Scantrust applications for consumer engagement, brand protection, and track and trace.

    With ePacConnect, all packaging can be born digital, each with a unique digital identity, they say. When scanned by a normal smartphone camera, every package becomes a gateway to 2-way communication between brands and consumers. The companies expect billions of pouches to be produced with ePacConnect over the coming years.

    Leveraging the innovative digital printing capabilities of ePac and innovative solutions from Scantrust, ePacConnect democratizes access to smart packaging by offering an entry-level no-cost solution for all brands, while also making it easy and flexible to add-on a comprehensive suite of readily available applications, they claim. 

    Scantrust powers these underlying capabilities with a secure platform that provides scalable tools to brands who want to actively protect from counterfeits, easily share product provenance, and offer tailored consumer experiences.

    According to Carl Joachim, ePac’s CMO, “We’ve been working with Scantrust for some time now to develop and market a connected packaging solution that is scalable from small brands to large CPGs. Scantrust also operates globally, as well as sharing our commitment to helping small and medium sized businesses compete and grow. We already have a number of customers in the USA and Europe using the solution”.  

    Nathan Anderson, Scantrust CEO added, “We saw great synergies between our two companies from the start. With this partnership, we’re able to bring Scantrust’s advanced connected goods solutions to brands of all sizes at-scale. This will enable more meaningful connections with their customers, and empower people to be able to trust the source, safety, and integrity of the products in their life, while also increasing supply chain visibility.”

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