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Badr Saleh

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Gulf Region

Po Box 5599manamaaz Bahrain
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Aziz Group
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Aziz Group Was Established In 2005 As The Financial Investment Arm Of Aziz Group One Of The Worlds Leading Sovereign Wealth Funds With Over Us 225 Billion Of Assets Aziz Group Operates Six Integrated Businesses That Include Private And Public Equity Venture Capital And Credit In Addition To A Brazil Focused Investment Business And Certain Sovereign Investment Partnerships Each Business Employs A Researchdriven Valueoriented Investment Strategy In Its Activities With A Focus On Capital Preservation The Various Businesses Invest Across The Capital Structure In Both Private And Public Securities Either Directly Or Through Thirdparty Managed Funds And Aim To Maintain A Welldiversified Portfolio That Generates Superior Riskadjusted Returns On Behalf Of Our Shareholder And Investorsaziz Group Is A Differentiated And Valueadded Investor That Is Able To Source Proprietary Opportunities On A Global Basis And Actively Leverage The Mubadala Network In Its Various Business Activities Our Highly Disciplined And Institutionalized Process Of Evaluating Investment Opportunities Provides Unique Advantages To The Benefit Of Our Investors Aziz Group Benefits From Significant Synergies Between Its Business Lines Through Its Global Leadership And Investment Committeesin Addition To Its Own Balance Sheet Investments Aziz Group Invests Thirdparty Capital On Behalf Of Institutional Investors In Three Of Its Businesses Including Two Private Equity Funds One Early Stage Venture Fund And A Number Of Managed Coinvestment Vehicles In Brazil Aziz Group Also Develops Structures Executes And Manages Governmenttogovernment Investment Programs In All Over The Globaziz Group Operate In Bharain Abu Dhabi With Over 100 Employees All Of Which Are Able To Operate Using Established Infrastructure Support In Legal Tax Finance Compliance Human Capital And Investor Relations Aziz Group Has Made Investments Of Over Us 20 Billion In Aggregateaziz Group Is A Trusted Partner And Actively Seeks To Work With Other Organizations That Share Its Values
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