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Sterile and antiviral packaging: unlocking the potential of business continuity and resilience during COVID-19 pandemic

Amid the disruptions due to COVID-19, companies providing sterile and antiviral packaging solutions look forward to opportunities arising from the concern over viral exposure itself. Regulatory compliance will play a significant role in the rapidly shifting risk terrain.
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a humanitarian crisis, creating an extraordinary strain on society and affecting millions of people around the world. The speed and depth of disruption is creating unprecedented challenges for industries and is having a growing impact on the global economy. Beyond the negative impact of a traditional economic downturn due to factory closures, supply chain disruptions, movement restrictions and social distancing requirements, the pandemic has put the medical industry at the centre stage. In the current scenario, the healthcare industry is witnessing an unparalleled demand for diagnostic tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical ventilators and other critical medical supplies. With potentially high risk of infection, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are also facing significant challenges in providing specific and effective care (often remotely). Hospital systems are becoming overwhelmed with the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients, which is weighing heavily on the pharmaceutical industry. While research efforts to find effective drugs against the novel coronavirus are picking up pace, it is imperative to tackle another big challenge – ensuring the safety and security of drugs and medical supplies until they reach the hands of those who need them the most. Many pharmaceutical companies remain focused on the immediate crisis – facilitating increased access to critical medicines and supporting HCPs, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), clinics, hospitals and patients in new ways. Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions to the healthcare system. While pharma companies recognise and are responding to immediate needs, pharmaceutical packaging companies are experiencing a new set of challenges.